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Empower Your Life… Remember Your Purpose… Live Your Dream

Live Your Soul’s Design!

Soul Support Systems is dedicated to bringing the Heart and Soul into the mainstream of the world. We provide tools and experiences to empower your life in living your purpose. In helping you to develop a deeper connection within yourself, your own self-authority can guide all your actions. When expressing in your truthful and authentic ways, life becomes meaningful and profound.

Our work is based on the tenets that we are all one. As such, we Unify our hearts to create peace on earth. We believe that everyone truly wants to transform. Truthfully, no matter what is happening in our lives or what choices we are making, we can obtain wholeness.

Soul Support’s experiential spiritual programs, educational classes and materials offer you a template for fully embracing all that you are! Together we will focus on the relationship between the body, mind, emotion and spirit. If your heart and soul calls you in this way, then, call us! We would love to talk with you about a Plan of Action that fully brings You ALIVE!

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Our Programs Empower

Living from Your Heart and Soul

Through the HeartThread field, we can address personal challenges head-on! Our heart and soul brings new ways for us to understand ourselves.
Thus, wee can learn how to be more open and safe in our bodies. We can begin trusting life, and then more fully realize how to relate from our own inner wisdom.

In our Witnessing Tuesdays virtual sessions, we connect with our hearts and open to hear our hearts speak. Our heart’s wisdom will free us from all that we carry. It is our own heart’s promise to guide and uplift us!

Deepening Our Sense of Connection

When our hearts and souls are open and engaged with life, we return to the Remembrance of who we are. Consequently, that opens us to Remember Who Others Are!

Our Soul Support facilitators are leading unique and creative meditations each weekday morning. You are invited to connect with our community and co-create Setting the Field for powerful day’s beginning!

Knowing Your True Destiny

The soul holds the keys to fully remembering and expressing who we are and why we have come. We have the answers to all of life’s questions within our own soul. Our design, our purpose and our presence, are ours alone.

Living in a Co-creative Process with Others

Peace, harmony and lasting interconnection is where we all live our truths and find joy together. We can then create a world where everyone matters. For only then, we each bring our gifts to fully claim our place in service to the world!

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: Some of our most popular books have moved! I Remember Union, Sunlight on Water, and Honoring Your Child’s Spirit now reside on the website for All Worlds Publishing. The long-standing branch of Soul Support manages book order fulfillment and distribution. The website now hosts the books that author Flo Aeveia Magdalena and editor Jayn Adina Stewart co-created.

~Jayn Stewart ~ 6/’41 – 4/’20~

Jayn Adina Stewart was and will always be cherished by our Soul Support community. On 5/3/20 we gathered for a beautiful celebration of Jayn’s life. You can forever be a part of it here.

Jayn Stewart Memorial Fund