Remember your Purpose… Live your Dream… Empower your Life…

Remember your Purpose… Live your Dream… Empower your Life…

Remember your Purpose… Live your Dream… Empower your Life…

Remember your Purpose… Live your Dream… Empower your Life…

Remember your Purpose… Live your Dream… Empower your Life…

Welcome to Soul Support Systems!

Our programs are dedicated to bringing the Heart and Soul into the mainstream of the world to guide all of our actions and expressions.

Our work is based on the tenets that we are all one and can therefore Unify our hearts to create peace on earth.

We believe that everyone truly wants to transform, no matter what is happening in their lives or what choices they appear to be making.

Our experiential programs offer you a template for fully embracing all that you are. Here are some of our points of focus:

  • Living from the Heart and Soul provides an Essential Self-Authority that brings a Commitment to One’s Course and Destiny.
  • Living from the Knowing of One’s True Destiny moves us toward Expressing who we are and Understanding why we have come.
  • Living with a Deep Sense of Connection to the Remembrance of who we are opens us to Remember Who Others Are.
  • Living in a Co-creative Process with others brings Peace, Harmony and Lasting Interconnection where we all Live Our Truths and Find Joy Together.

If your heart or soul calls you in this way, call us! We would love to talk with you about a Plan of Action that fully brings YOU ALIVE!

Our Programs

Soul Support Systems provides experiential spiritual education through a variety of programs that focus on the relationship between the body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Soul Recognition℠ is a deep and meaningful life-changing opportunity to dive deeply into the innermost world of our being.

HeartThread℠ connects the body and the unconscious mind to promote healing and well-being.

Circuitry Alignment℠ connects our soul with its original design to clarify our purpose.

Accelerated Thinking Process℠ Unifies the left and the right brain so that we function at our optimal capacity.

Have a questions or want to learn more?

Please contact us today at (802) 722-9554


What Participants Are Saying

“DO IT. The experience [of Soul Recognition] was lovely, deeply loving. The result was subtly and
colossally profound. I feel more at home in the strange place we call life on earth
because I am not living from that tiny place anymore. I am living now in
recognition from the grand perspective of the soul, my soul, All soul.”

“It was overwhelmingly beautiful for so many to come together to escort us on an inexplicable journey. It was the best ride of my life! It has left me with a presence I have never previously known.”


“Not one day goes by that I am not thankful for this work and how much it has assisted me in my personal transformation and growth.”


[Circuitry alignment] - "I have been calmer, feeling happier, more positive in general, feeling energized and
active. Feeling stable, balanced, clear-minded, no worries. Able to think more positively and feel I am
able to encourage myself more readily to move forward. No worrying or waiting. Bit happier in the
world, happier in being me. Have been more confident in engaging people socially. Happy with myself
but more open-minded and accepting of others. Gives a real harmonious feel."


“I am less reactive to circumstances and have a stronger self-concept.”


"I loved the [Vitalizing Your Energy Body] weekend and gained so much from it. I feel, with practice from myself, this weekend has been a catalyst for my personal growth and future. Aeveia is a great gift to the earth and has the ability to bring in complex spiritual teachings and translate them into language for the average person to understand, which is me. I love her from the bottom of my heart and thank God for her presence on earth and in these transitional times."


This process and work is amazing. It has provided me with extreme clarity on my life moving forward. From this point on my thoughts will not control me!

Sandy R.

[Accelerated Thinking Process] - "Receiving my own thought form pattern will really helpful me and is a gift."

"The thought form experience, as re-running the various experiences – really helped to deal and
desensitize them. It went much further than my expectations. It all flowed really well."

"The course absolutely met my expectations and more! Take away a plethora of new information
and tools. Good, very good, excellent!"

[Vitalizing Your Energy Body] "Reassurance of truth in me and universe. Thought form wave makes everything fall into place. As
always, the exact correct people, place, time, energy and incredibly safe and deep space. Renewed
excitement and readiness to practice being (perfect timing as I now have the perfect environment to do
so)! A gorgeous, deep and safe opportunity to experience being at one with oneself and the universe
and a beautiful teaching about how to take this into everyday life."


"My wave pattern – where I “fall down a hole” and that doesn’t need to happen anymore. It [Vitalizing Your Energy Body] was very different than I expected but surpassed what I thought it would be. That I can use my wave pattern and stay in harmony. A confirmation of where I’m at in my progress.

Excellent facilitator – inspirational."

"What I take away with me is feeling/being at one and feeling relieved about it."

[Vitalizing Your Energy Body]