Inhabiting the Body

Online Class With Experiential Yoga

With Instructor Lauren Liberti
Dates for this class have passed.
Watch for an Encore!

This is a 4-week experiential class that combines very gentle, basic yoga moves and principals to:

  • Use movement and sensation to explore what it means to be spirit in form.
  • Develop awareness of places of resistance to being in the body.
  • Experience “brightening” of the spirit in the body.
  • Explore some of the energetic principals taught in Soul Support Systems through movement and sensation.
  • Come to a place of increased comfort, ease, and pleasure being here.

Classes will meet:
Each Wednesday 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time starting November 4th

The yoga will be geared towards all bodies with a focus on functional movement and experience, NOT poses!  Each class will include at least 30 minutes of active sequencing, meditation, and opportunity for discussion.  All classes will be recorded, so although live attendance is preferable (because we love to see you!), it is not mandatory. 

A donation of $40 is requested for participating in the four-session series, all of which will all go to Soul Support Systems!

Join us Wednesday October 28th for a FREE INFO SESSION to find out more and have all your questions answered! 

Lauren Liberti

Lauren is an active member in the Soul Support Systems community.  She is a Soul Recognition Facilitator and is trained in Circuitry Alignment and HeartThread.  She serves on the current Board of Soul Support Systems and recently completed Yoga Teacher Training with Heidi Sormaz at Fresh Yoga, LLC in New Haven, Ct.  She strives to live what she’s learned through Soul Support Systems in increasingly palpable and grounded ways and is considering whether body-based practices such as yoga may be one way to do that.

For additional inquiries, email Lauren Liberti

The suggested energy exchange is $40.00 USD for all four sessions.  Participants will receive access or recording of each class session one day following each call. 

Please contact Lauren for interest in future classes! Thank you!