2021 Yearlong Course- The Legacy of the Soul

Flo Aeveia and Jayn Adina

Our Soul’s Legacy ~ The Inception

From the perspective of one who is in body, Flo Aeveia Magdalena, and from one who is not, Jayn Adina Stewart, comes the union of the above and the below. Jayn and Flo are offering a course, a study and an experience to bring you both the here and now of Earth, and the here and now of Spirit. The view and guidance points from above when added with ‘the below,’ bring a rounded, richly integrated study of life from the soul’s perspective and eternal wisdom.

Our course will take us from our choice in the Swing Between Worlds to incarnate at this time, through the journey of the soul into form. We will investigate the waters of embodiment, stabilization, the grounding of spirit into the cellular matrix, the stages of growth we create through our choices, and the process of shedding and leaving as we approach old age and death. We will utilize key points from an upcoming book from Mary Magdalene, which addresses suicide, abortion, and questions about life and death.

A truthful and clear narrative will be provided from Flo and you, our course participants, with Jayn and The Ones With No Names and other spiritual sources. Together we will provide deep and insightful answers to your questions and guidance for the choices that face you while navigating the paths before us now, as the world turns differently in this Golden Age.

We will present a subject/topic each month and settle into the dialogue and exchange between us, as our discussions invites spirit to clarify and strengthen our understanding and application of principles to support our expansion and integration.

Our virtual class will begin on January 11, 2021 at 8:00 PM eastern time. Each class is $35.00 as an automatic monthly subscription option, or a one-time payment-in-full with savings option. Either option is available through PayPal through the buttons below. Also, checks can be mailed to Soul Support Systems, 266 Blue Heron Way, Putney, VT  05346.

We are forming our class now and invite your participation and presence in this discovery of the Legacy of the Soul in the 21st century.

With love and honoring of our human journeys,
Jayn Adina and Flo Aeveia

As humans in trying times, we often have questions like Why do people who love each other destroy each other? Why do things happen this way? What does it all mean and how does it work?

Magdalene gives us the principles through which we can stand; answers to questions that can’t be sorted by religion and belief systems; we can be given guidance as creators of light…live more fully….be less afraid to live and not afraid to die…

Provided to you preceding each monthly class meeting, the curriculum booklet is itself a rich resource and abiding reference, one chapter of twelve as it were. As a registered course member, you will have the opportunity to reflect and journal with Mary Magdalene as your personal guide through meaningful topics. Then within the safe environment of the class members’ virtual meeting, engage in open discussions and ask questions that affect you most.

Partnering with Flo Aeveia and co-creating our course, Jayn Adina will avail herself to responding with truth from her highest perspective. Delighting in our our commitment to the continuation of her work, Mary Magdalene will participate in the momentum to fulfill her purpose as a unified gift to the world. And who can know of surprise guests that may offer input for the unfolding of the sometimes gritty matters that are so meaningful to us all- above and below? Perhaps we will be joined by our steadfast allies, The Ones with No Names…

WHAT: Each class virtual Zoom meeting call to be held once monthly
WHEN: 2nd Mondays @ 8 PM Eastern Time
WHERE: Call-in Details provided upon registration


Origin: Sourcing from Light, Creating Matter, Living in Wholeness; Opening Our Light.
Discussion about The Story of Creation from Mary Magdalene. 

January Single Call Packet @$40

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The Swing Between Worlds; How we Choose our Destiny and Purpose; Reincarnation, the Fabric of Life. Conscious Birthing.

February Single Call Packet @$40

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Family Structure, Life Lessons, Concepts of Biological Unity; Finding resolution of differences and resolving family patterns. Karmic imprints.

Ego, Identity, Fear, Abandonment, Annihilation, and Betrayal.

Structure and Function of Our Cells and Systems; Altering and Resolving Genetic Patterns; Cellular Health and Wellness.

Order, Light, Truth and Union: Creative Aspects that offer universal principles for life: How to live in the world using these energies.

Spiritual Perspective on Abortion, Suicide, War, Famine, Divorce, Separation, and Boundaries.

Time/Space; Awareness/Consciousness; Pathways of Expansion; Balancing the above and the below in life.

Life Transitions; Warning of Changes Coming; Determining your Fate; Living on the Edge; Foundationing Stability Throughout Life.

Grief, Sorrow, Loss, Lessons and Gifts we learn and bring.

Conscious Dying: Going Home.

Living in Union with Life: Gifts from Spirit. Messengers and Guides.  



Registered yearlong course members will have access to 12 months of class materials including *curriculum booklets, audio recordings, transcripts, video links and special event invitations if applicable.
It will be most beneficial to attend scheduled classes in person so that you can enjoy the bonds created with others in the course, and voice your topic-related questions.

*A note from Flo Aeveia about the monthly curriculum booklets: “I have kept the syntax of Magdalene so that you can feel the energy behind her words and the forging of creation’s voice. Please read this as an opening unto… As you read each section, please stop and write a few words about how you are impacted by the content.”

There are two simple cost options for the full yearlong course:

Option #1: $35 per monthly class

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Option #2: $360 one-time full payment – for a savings of $60!

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We will also accept checks of $35 by the 1st of each month, or one time $360 payment.
Please mail to Soul Support Systems, 266 Blue Heron Way, Putney, VT  05346.

Option #3: $40 per monthly A-la-Carte Selection

Some cannot commit to joining the group for scheduled meeting calls and have requested to have an option to purchase individual monthly materials. We heard you, and so for our 2021- The Legacy of the Soul course, a brand-new and simple option was born! You may choose to purchase @ $40 an individual packet for any month.


For any selected month subsequent to scheduled class meetings, there will availability on this page for related class materials including curriculum booklets, audio recordings, and transcripts.

Note: For privacy considerations, members’ names and contact information will be withheld where applicable. i.e. (There will be no full names cited in the audio or written in the transcripts.)

Again, the most beneficial option is to attend scheduled classes in person so that you can enjoy the bonds created with others in the course, and voice your topic-related questions. We would miss you, yet we understand.

For additional inquiries, email Melinda DeMent.