William Marshal- A Call to Action

Answering the Call
An Exciting NEW Message!

from William Marshal through Flo Aeveia

We have been, for about two months, working with William Marshall to support him in reseeding the Planet with the Crystalline Light that he carried. 

William Marshall, for those of you who don’t know him, was the greatest Knight that ever lived. He lived in the time between the 1100s and 1200s. He lived at the moment when it became 1200 and through that time.

He was a knight. He was English, married to an Irish woman, and they created castles and abbeys and sanctuaries. His energy was the Christ energy and he brought the Christ energy to the Planet. He grounded it in places in Ireland and Scotland, Wales and England, and particularly in France. Later in his life he went on to work with the Templars.

His important message to us today is how we can become part of the web of the Crystalline energy that he carries and wants us to use for the purpose of supporting balance and Light on the Planet.

This special new audio recording is powerful and timely, inspiring action to all who want to truly live a heart-centered life shining your Banner of the Heart/Truth expressed through all actions, and carrying The Sword of Truth, walking alongside William Marshal as a part of The Army of the Heart. You will be ‘Knighted’ and invited to keep an open communication going with William Marshal! If you are reading this, it is likely that this clarion call is a part of your original design for this time on planet Earth.

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