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Strengthening Our Energetic Immune System

Exploring the Foundations of Our Well-Being

Sponsored by Soul Support Systems ~
May 8, 2021 ~ 11am-2 pm Eastern ~

Linda Burns, Judy Greenman, Don Jacobs, Lauren Liberti, Flo Magdalena & Karen Wilson

In these extreme times of challenge, we can protect and support our bodies and energy systems through attending more fully to our inner energetic pathways. As we align and create more Order in the meridians that carry our life force, we can deepen these connections and empower our mind/body to strengthen our immune system and create healing and wellness within us.

By enfolding our body in the innate harmony that abounds in and around us we can support our life journeys empowered with calmness and confidence.

In this 3-hour offering, you will experience ways to:

  • Find & connect with the compass of balance in your body, mind & emotions
  • Bring harmony through establishing a foundation of Order within
  • Experience calm abiding to anchor peace in your cells and systems
  • Learn tools to increase your Light body and expand your vibration
  • Discover your High Heart and its capacity to Unify you with all life
  • Align with your Soul Seed and activate your purpose, presence and power
  • Practice ways to find ease and live in grace

A great support offering for $22!

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