The Hearts of the Village- How Your Caring and Compassion Change the World


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The Hearts of the Village

How Your Caring and Compassion Change the World

by Jayn Stewart and Flo Aeveia Magdalena

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We have each come here to do something very powerful with our lives. No matter where you are or what you face, there is a power within you that wants to be expressed. There is a part of you that has been in waiting for the correct moment to respond to what your life experience offers you, and we are inviting you to see that this is the moment. This is the time, because there is a general movement in the consciousness of all beings to provide a safer world, to provide a way for each person to feel acknowledged and for there to be safety of all generations that inhabit this planet.

How do we make it safer and heal the divisions in our world, joining the hearts of the village together as one heart? How do we go out into the world and come together with other hearts to make more union? The starting place is with each of us.