A Complete Manual for Living


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A Complete Manual for Living

26 MP3 Audios

An amazing opportunity to guide and foundation your life from comprehensive, universal principles. This in-depth series teaches us how and why we need to unify our energy field; strengthen the mind/body/emotion connection; live from our own personal design; enter the holographic envelope to see where we belong in the world; and come from a “soft mind” to be more receptive, loving and clear.

  1. 1a- Unifying Our Energy Fields; 1b-Unifying; Mind-Body-Emotion-Connection
  2. 2a; 2b; 2c- Mind-Body-Emotion-Connection
  3. 3a; 3b- Mind-Body-Emotion-Connection
  4. 4a; 4b- Mind-Body-Emotion-Connection
  5. 5a; 5b; 5c- Mind-Body-Emotion-Connection
  6. 6a; 6b; 6c- Prog. Your Life From DESIGN
  7. 7a; 7b; 7c- Prog. Your Life From DESIGN
  8. 8a; 8b- Entering Holographic Envelope
  9. 9a; 9b; 9c; 9d- Entering Holographic Envelope
  10. 10a; 10b; 10c- Entering Holographic Envelope