Events and Courses 2021

HeartThread Practitioner Online Training

With Gabriella Angus and Ruthie Cooper

Friday 14th to Sunday 16th May 12-8pm and Saturday 16th May 12-4pm (times flexible)

HeartThread – Deep healing for body and mind

Body Wisdom healing (also known as HeartThread) is a deeply relaxing, unique way of bringing to light and releasing memories, unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that are obstacles to our happiness, success and forward movement. 

In a HeartThread session we are able to access, in a safe and loving way, this information in the form of messages stored within our body. These messages are then spoken aloud and their vibrational resonance enables us to gently release that which no longer serves us. The resulting sense of ease and relaxation enables us to tap into our own unlimited potential and inner guidance, to become the authors of our own life. We come to know ourselves as infinitely creative beings with unique abilities and gifts.

This training will include everything you need in order to become a confident HeartThread practitioner. 

This course is also suitable for those who have completed the training and would like to refresh, or get more practice working with HeartThread online or by telephone. 

Investment  £325 Refreshers £200

To book or for further information, please email Ruthie

Equine Assisted Soul Experience

Dates: Friday 9th – Tuesday 13th July 2021

A deeply cleansing and shamanic journey made all the more powerful by the presence of horses.

We are very excited to announce that we will be running a very special 5-day Equine-Assisted Soul Experience event in July!

Equine Assisted Soul Experience (EASE) is a coming together of the profound Soul Recognition work of Flo Aeveia Magdalena and the equine-assisted learning Dawn Oakley-Smith facilitates with her Heartshore Horses. Combined, these two modalities create an extraordinary and potent encounter with life-changing possibilities that will bring clarity, deep healing and the ability to step forward into the next stage of your life’s journey with purpose and self-confidence.
Guided by vastly experienced Facilitators of both humankind and horses, working together to act as a catalyst, calling the soul to come forth and take it’s place as the fullest expression of your being.

“Horses give us an awareness of soul, of who we are in the deepest—where it matters; a consciousness and a sense of our connection to the divine spark within and without; a seeing and a knowing of our place in the stream of life; an ability to stand with courage in one’s centre, whatever happens.” ​

— Dawn Oakley-Smith

Venue – Stroud, Gloucestershire UKNon-residential, Lunches and dinners supplied.
Price: Sliding scale exchange of £675-825
To book email Ruthie:

Moving into Awareness:
A Beginner’s Course on Integrating Energy With Mind and Body

Part of the Essential Life Skills Programme With Soul Support Systems.

Dates: 12th May –  2nd June, 2021. 7:00pm – 8.00pm

With Lucia, Carol and Ruthie

This course has been created by the Essential Life Skills Team and is intended as a gentle and natural way to learn how awareness of our energy field and systems can help us to feel more connected and able to navigate challenges in life.

Viewpoint, based in Hertfordshire, is an innovative charity that supports people with a lived experience of mental health and/or addiction challenges.’

Any Queries Please Contact:

Self-Compassion Meditation Space – Tuesday 7pm UK time​

Meditations and guided visualisations to relax, uplift and nurture you. A gentle healing space offering the safety and comfort to meet ourselves with compassion and kindness, just as we are. Giving ourselves permission to just BE.