Spring Equinox 2021 Celebration!

Soul Support Hosted a Wonderful Community Celebration!

Saturday March 20th, from 9 am – 9 pm eastern

We Welcomed Spring and Opened to the Pulsing of Earth’s Rhythm

We gathered online to Vitalize our Energy with Movement, Sound, Dance, Meditation, Chi Gong, Visioning and more! 
Everyone enjoyed a full-day’s expansion of our fields as we deepened our awareness and celebrated the gifts our Teachers and Facilitators brought forth.

Now, you can join us too! Watch a video of each presenter!

Stunning Spring Equinox Gift!

Community and board member Karen Wilson has created a stunning jewelry set for this special spring celebration event. She generously donated her creation to Soul Support to be gifted to one person attending the Equinox Celebration event! In the last hour closing session, one name was randomly selected.

A Description of the One-of-a-Kind Glass Butterfly Jewelry Set
This stunning group includes a necklace, and two pairs of uniquely matching earrings!

The focal bead butterfly is a hand-made lamp-work bead by Anastasia, a German artist.

The six pink lamp-works beads which include irid glass that makes them sparkly. There were made by Cherie and Celeste; Sisters Beads of Hudson, Wisconsin.

Chrysocolla – The dark greenish/turquoise beads are Chrysocolla.  This is a peaceful stone of communication, expression, empowerment; it discharges negative energies, calms, and allows inner wisdom to surface. Chrysocolla  is a stone of wise women, and encourages compassion.  See info: – https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/chrysocolla/

Other beads are pearls that symbolize purity, spirituality and femininity, and Swarovski crystals, clear quartz crystal (for clarity), with silver clasp with clear quartz.

You can still get a taste of our wonderful Winter Solstice 2020: Day of Respite and Peace.