Soul RecognitionSM Experience
6-Day Live Retreat

Soul Recognition Experience (March 1st – 6th) will be a 6-day retreat at The Land Celebration
in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Gore, Virginia. 

This retreat is a profound and life-awakening experience that connects us with our Seed of Light, or Soul Seed. This connection catalyzes the wave of life force in our central channel, opening us to our Divinity and true essence, creating a vibrational shift of consciousness in a safe and nurturing environment.  During our time, we fortify our connection with our soul’s design that is discovered and sustained through the journey of Soul Recognition.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena speaks about Soul Recognition

WHAT: In-person 6-day Soul Recognition Retreat
WHEN: March 1st – March 6th
WHERE: The Land Celebration, 411 Three Oaks Drive,
Gore, VA 22637

Arrive between 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on March 1st, with start time at
4:00 p.m. Event completion will be appx. 5:00 p.m. on March 6th.


Invitation to Soul Recognition

Experiential and interactive processes support us in identifying our deepest intentions for our lives as we align with our soul’s chosen destiny. When we resonate with who we are and why we are here, our physical cells and our awareness come into union so that we integrate our power and purpose deeply within the circuits of our body. Accessing the Soul Seed, we open the gateway to the soul’s essence, bringing guidance and direction for our life.

This deep alignment harmoniously grounds our body, emotion, mind, soul, and spirit to restore Order, Light, Truth, and Union within.

Learning points from Soul Recognition are:

  • Establishing Connection with Our Soul Seed
  • Bonding with Others Using Soul Seed Connection
  • Following/Guiding Self and Others’ Life Force Waves
  • Integrating the 4-Levels: Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit
  • Awareness of Inter-dimensional Travel during Journeys
  • Circuitry Alignment Protocols
  • Chakra Opening, Balancing, Clarifying and Psychic Surgery
  • Observations of Energetic Levels and their Alignment Components
  • Creating and Sustaining a Unified Group Field
  • Opening Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, and Clairaudient Faculties
  • Clarifying Life Purpose
  • Energizing Life Force Channels
  • Connecting with the Great Mother, Sophia, and the Earth Mother
  • Discovering Non-Dual Ways to Join with Others as One Tribe/Community through the Practice of Listening/Speaking/Creating in Oneness
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The Soul RecognitionSM experience brings the pure energy of the soul into the body in a very real and grounded way. The body moves into alignment with the soul so that we can be fully present with all that we are and all that we could be. The Soul Recognition is also a journey of remembering the ancient ways of unity, connection and togetherness that we have perhaps forgotten. It is about Love.” ~ Gabriella

“I found something within myself that I knew was there, but I’ve never been able to find.” ~ A.W.

An Inward Journey Riding the Wave of Your Life Force to Meet Your True Self

In the Soul Recognition process, you establish a deep connection through your soul, with the essence of who you are. As the vital link with your soul is established, you begin freely expressing and creating from this essential place of strength within you – the place that yearns to be fully alive. This is a profound way to acknowledge your soul, the part of you that is immortal, eternally strong, and endures without separation, judgment, or fear.

The soul is the first place where acknowledgment of the self is real, the first place where oneness happens, and the first place where “we-ness” is felt. Holding within it our highest potential, the soul is the meeting place of spirit and form and contains knowledge and memory of the Source of all life. When we are linked with the Source through the soul, we experience union with all things and fulfill our yearning to be whole.

The journey is experienced in a loving group environment created from the heart. Finding true essence and revealing the inner workings of our lives and patterns brings space and relief from conditioned beliefs and judgments. A pathway is created through the light of your soul, one that the mind alone could never find. You will sense the lifting of beliefs and conditions that confine you as they are gently brushed or rocked away to help you identify and implement your soul’s unique design. Directing one’s life from the soul brings balance and harmony within and links the consciousness of many people at one time, creating a critical mass that weaves a field of union.

Journeys are five day experiences that include integration, assimilation, and the grounding of your journey into the deep circuits of the body. As the light and energy liberated during the Soul Recognition is breathed more and more deeply into the cells, living our essential nature in everyday experience becomes easier. The Soul Recognition journey assists us to truly begin remembering that we are light and vibration in form.

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If you have folks who would like to reserve a place in the SR (we will take 12 participants), please have them send a check for $500.00 to Soul Support instead of PayPal for payments if possible.

If you’ve taken HeartThread and would like to attend again, please contact Flo Aeveia. If you are a Seasoned facilitator and would like to train to be a SR Facilitator Teacher, also please let me know.

Soul Support Systems – 266 Blue Heron Way, Putney, VT 05346 — Phone: (802) 722-9554.

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