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15 thoughts on “Shoes Group Call to Action

  1. Hi all, hope you are all doing well!
    So our next ZOOM call with the whole group is scheduled for 2/6. Is it at 8 PM????
    We were looking to try an schedule the next small group meeting about 2 weeks after this February call.
    I am free:
    2/17 anytime
    2/19-2/21 at 8pm or later (I work these days so may get hung up at work)
    2/22 or 2/23 anytime
    Also, Shoes asked us to discuss how long we wanted the call to last. I would be happy with 1.5 or 2 hrs. What do you all think?

    (FYI side note: I forget the person who recommended the book Liver Rescue….but thank you, I am listening to it on audible and enjoying it!!!)

    1. Mon., 2/17 sounds good to me! I know Shoes had mentioned the request to start at 7 pm, and also I think Charlotte had said she can’t do Wednesdays unless we begin at 8:30 pm.

      About half of my Tues. nights are booked right now, including Feb. 11 & Feb. 18.

      Early afternoon on the weekend of Feb. 22 & 23 could work, but if we are looking for a regular day of the week, I’d prefer a weekday.

      1 to 1 .5 hours would be my preference, going to 2 hours if needed for something particular.

    2. Hi All –

      The 17th is good for me – the 22nd and 23rd work as well. I also prefer a weeknight in general, but would be entirely willing to set something up during a weekend if that’s what works best for everyone.

      Much love

  2. The 17th or 22 or 23 also work for me. Later in the afternoon is better if we do weekend times.
    Thanks all
    Karen Wilson

  3. Most week day or weekend late afternoon/evenings are good for me. Since I get up really early, I would prefer an earlier time (around 6/7pmish) 1-1.5 hours is good.
    I will not be able to do the 17th since I will be flying back from Florida that day and will arrive home late in the evening. I will be out of town from Feb 11-17th.

    Warm hugs,

  4. Monday night is actually the hardest night of the week for me. Is that the only night we are discussing?

  5. Hey Susan – It seems like the 19th, 20th, 21st after 8pm were also on the table. I am available those times as well, although weren’t we trying to keep it at 7pm for Shoes?

    We also haven’t excluded the weekend of the 22nd/23rd, although one person wanted early afternoon, another wanted late afternoon… Should we also consider the week after? Or I hate to say it, if we had two groups? In case it helps to spell things out more clearly, I wrote all the dates below along with my availability.

    17th 7pm or later – good
    18th 7pm or later – good
    19th 8pm or later- good
    20th 8pm or later – good
    21st 8pm or later- good
    22 – okay anytime
    23 – okay anytime
    24 – 7pm or later
    25 – 7pm or later
    26 – 7pm or later
    27 – 7pm or later
    28 -7pm or later
    29 – okay anytime
    30 – okay anytime

  6. To keep us at a 7 pm time that Susan (no Monday nights), Charlotte (no Wednesday nights), Ilene (travel plans above) and Lauren (see options above), as well as keep it about 2 weeks later on a weekday, (which I’ve heard as a preference and will also give Shoes a little more recovery time) Tues. , 2/25, 7 pm or Thurs., 2/27 at 7 pm seem to work for 5 of us. (Kristin’s options didn’t go into that last week.)

    Of the two, my preference would be for Tues., and if we are able to make it the 4th Tues. of the month through April, I can do that.

    I’m not sure the rest of the group is checking this page, so I’ll try getting an email out on this later today. Would really love for us to have a time that all of us can meet, and hopefully regularly!

  7. Thank you, Roslyn!! If it works for everyone, I love your idea about the 4th Tuesday for March and April – I can make that work.

  8. I missed the February ‘Ones with no names’ this week. Will there be a replay for us to listen to? thanks

  9. Thank you everyone for putting in the time to do this. Thank you Laurn for giving us Doodle.
    We have a new team member her name is Karen. That’s all I know about her so far. I don’t have her email yet so will post when I do so we can welcome her.

  10. Ok. Our new team member
    Karen Gunman.
    Lauren can you send her the doodle link?
    Also the only day I can’t do in March is the 25th.
    Love to all, Shoes

    1. Hello everyone!
      I have just joined. I’m really excited about this class. I should be able to meet any day in March. If it’s going to be in the evening, I prefer before 8 but of course, whatever works.
      Blessings to all

      1. Thanks for letting us know, Karen! I look forward to meeting you!

  11. Hi All –

    Re: April Meeting with Shoes
    In case you didn’t see the doodle poll, go here to let us know which days work for you:

    Karen – *oops* sorry I missed your message above!

    Love and blessing of gold,

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