List of Programs

*These programs are being fully developed at this time. Stay tuned for details and rich content on each!

*Essential Life Skills: An introductory program to assist individuals to learn about the heart, the soul and the field of interconnection, ranging from a 3-hour program to a weekend inclusive experience.

*Summer Camps: For children and families in California, Santa Fe, and Pennsylvania sponsored by Surfin’ Your Soul and Soul Support Systems.

*Monthly Programs: Individual 2-hour Zoom calls on a number of topics taught by experts in the following: Family Dynamics; Healthy Aging; Men’s and Women’s Circles; Sacred Ceremonies; Death and Dying; Truth and Non-duality; Conscious Conception; 4 pillars of Creation; 7-year Cycles of Life; Living Our Purpose; Living Safely in the World: Creating a Field of Safety; The Process of Creating. These programs are being offered by facilitators of Soul Support Systems.

*Soul Services: Council with Individuals & Groups, Spiritual Mentor-ship, Individual & Family Counseling and Coaching; Conscious Dying.

*Pillar work: Experiencing Interconnection.

TEAM Mother Earth: Calls monthly with the Great Mother.

The Great Alignment: Revival of the Human Spirit Year Long Class with The Ones.