Author Your Reality From Your Heart

HeartThread is a simple, direct way to shift lifelong patterns held in our physical cells. These patterns form the structure of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally, and determine our approach to life. As these patterns become conscious, our energy system opens, releasing constriction in the body and mind.

This release brings clarity and understanding of these physical patterns that affect our behavior and stem from long-standing belief systems. Conscious awareness of our patterns shifts our relationship with our body/mind/emotion/spirit allowing us to live without restriction and fear.

1/1 HeartThread Session

Creating a Heart Link

Creating a heart link between “practitioner,” client and anyone present (during a group session) is the key to how HeartThread works. This connection makes it safe for us to open our field of energy so that the patterns we have carried from our childhood can be shifted. (This field extends beyond the room and links together all life forms that comprise the living weave of creation. This heart connection makes it possible for us to heal relationships with those not physically present or even still living.)

It is a “place” in consciousness where one experiences a unified field based on oneness. In this “place” we transcend our feelings of separation and isolation and find peace within so we can rest and relax in our body and open to create our lives from Self-Authority.

Use this link to find a facilitator or practitioner in your region to arrange an appointment, or if you would like any more information you can call Soul Support Systems at (802) 722-9554 or email us a message here.

Facilitators of HeartThread

Flo Magdalena; Hedy Pylak; Lauren Liberti; Suze Moll; Dottie Woodward; Joy Melchizedek; Shoes Fillman; Karen Wilson; Nancy Strachan; Linda Burns; Faith Grieger; LeAndra Shepard; MaryAnn D’Ambrosio; Tamalla Mallet; Christy Adams; Karen Trujillo-Heffernan; Raphael Weisman; Deborah Perkins; Stacey Hentschel; Sharron Clark; René Cornwell; Gabriella Angus; Geoff Dilley; Ruthie Cooper; Trisha Cripps; Petra Tarnai