Responses to Circuitry Alignment℠

Please share with us your Circuitry Alignment experiences in the ‘Comments’ section below!

“A feeling of expansion and deep relaxation. Then energy was pulsing through me
and I could feel myself connecting to this ever expanding energy. I felt myself going back through the
last 2 years and meeting all the emotions I went through and I felt myself re-aligning with them and
feeling peace. Mentally re-evaluating my experiences and making peace with myself. This feeling of
connection and expansion throughout the process releasing and flowing with the energy was amazing. I
felt myself grounding and earthing all this energy”


“I am aware of a deep peace, much like after SR and perhaps a sense of comfort.”

“I have been calmer, feeling happier, more positive in general, feeling energized and
active. Feeling stable, balanced, clear-minded, no worries. Able to think more positively and feel I am
able to encourage myself more readily to move forward. No worrying or waiting. Bit happier in the
world, happier in being me. Have been more confident in engaging people socially. Happy with myself
but more open-minded and accepting of others. Gives a real harmonious feel.”


“I feel so much happier in my body. This feeling of being at home with myself on all
levels has made such a change. I just feel so much more present to how I am and that everything is
really okay. I have felt even more open to all aspects of myself. This feeling of okay-ness about myself
has brought about an inner peace. I love life and am now open to receive life’s love back.”


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