Activating Your Piece with Others to Bring Truth to Planet Earth

12 Monthly 
Self-Guided Classes by The Ones with No Names & Flo Magdalena

The 2020: A call to Action course was an exciting and rewarding co-creation. Flo Magdalena, TNO, and a large class membership gathered virtually each month, learning and sharing ways to personally expand and live in an extraordinary time on planet Earth.

In the self-guided course, you will hold the virtual keys to the supportive and abundant information. Best of all, the links to the monthly audios, transcripts, and videos are contained in in a very easy to use booklet. As soon as you opt to purchase the self-guided course, you will have instant download access with your PayPal transaction.

Course Monthly Topics:

JanuarySoul Seed Activation: Consciousness becomes Conscious

February: How do I make my Truth evident in everything I do?

March: How do I extend my Truth into the world?

April: Preparing for disintegration on planet Earth

May: Forming the Army of the Heart

June: The Coming Together of the Ages

July: Restoring Our Original Design

August: Assessment and Fortification

September: [Topic needed- Aug/Sept. same in booklet DRAFT]

October: The Time of Determination

November: Responding to the Shift into Light

December: Outlook for Birthing the “New Earth”