Essentials of Manifestation:

Dancing the Tango between Polarity and Wholeness

June 25th, 7-9 p.m. ET

Presented by: Sharron Clark

Mark your calendars for this exciting class! Sharron Clark is a masterful teacher of manifestation. Through guided exercises, you will actually EXPERIENCE the building blocks of creation. These include two data systems: POLARITY, which knows opposites; and WHOLENESS, which knows that everything is One. The “dance” brings these two qualities of consciousness together so that they fall into each other as lovers. The laws behind creation and how to apply them are part of the class. You will learn how to manifest what your soul desires.

Laws Behind Manifestation

  • All is Energy.
  • You are always creating.
  • Form is polarity.
  • You build with 2 data systems.
  • You are aware of only 1 system at a time.
  • Manifestation requires a design/container/mold/idea to be vibrationally embodied.
  • Creative Substance fills the design, NOT YOU.
  • Release into Creative Substance is REQUIRED for manifestation.
  • After release, you must listen and intuit any action you need to do, and do it.
  • You are given only 1 action at a time.

Class fee is $25.00. If you cannot make the date, you can listen to the call if you register now. One day following the call, you will receive an email with a link to the recording. 

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