Soul Support Monthly Class Offerings

Check out our monthly mini-classes! Take a taste from a buffet of interesting topics.  The next three months include wellness and spirituality, the magical world around us, and self-mastery and the soul’s design. All presented by experts in these areas. We will be sure to offer something to interest you, so stay tuned!

Check out our two-hour online class for June to get the details!


Essentials of Manifestation:

Dancing the Tango between Polarity and Wholeness

Presented by: Sharron Clark

Through guided exercises, you will actually EXPERIENCE the building blocks of creation!

June 25th, 7-9 p.m. ET


New Book Coming Soon!

The following is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, Heartful Living. John Henry guides us in ways to be in our hearts and hold steady there, no matter how extreme the circumstances may be:

“If you separate from the person who kills and the person who is killed, or the person who perpetrates and the victim, if you choose a side, choose a good and a bad, choose anything, then you separate your heart and perpetuate the separation of heart. That is not what we are here for. We are not here to judge. We are here to heal. We are here to foundation a way for hearts to join together. There is nothing more important than that. That is the crux of every experience that humanity will play out during this time. It is all going to be about, Is there heart or not?”