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Free Resources

Soul Support Systems offers a variety of programs and services that focus on the possibilities for human kind when we live from our heart and our soul.

Rather than an ideology about our spiritual nature, we offer a non-religious understanding about and experience of the soul. When we experience our soul we are then able to open more fully to the potential housed there, in the soul. We can then discover ways to free ourselves from the conditioning of society and live from the wisdom we each have within—live the life we yearn to live.

The following resources introduce concepts and experiences that connect you with your soul and the memory of your knowing, and assist you to be more fully here—present in your body and conscious of your breath. Enjoy!!!

Earth Healers Meditation
Click HERE to listen

Flo’s IONS Talk- VA, 1/2019

Click HERE to listen

Pillar of Light

The Pillar of Light Detail

Interview with Flo Magdalena & Raphael Weisman

Interview with Flo Aeveia Magdalena

I Remember Union – Story Behind the Story

Interview with Flo Aeveia Magdalena Podcast

NC Light Center Talk on the Hypothalamus

Talk #1 on the Hypothalamus:

Talk #2 on the Hypothalamus:

Article of Interest

Spiritual Nourishment

Easy, Fun Meditations

1) The Four Level Meditation

2) The Order Matrix

3) Heartwomb Meditation

The Ones With No Names

Principles of the Model of Cooperation

Group Experiences with Mary Magdalene:

1)Magdalene’s Feast Day Message, 7/22/17

2) #1 Emissary of Light, Santa Fe, NM 2/7/17 MP3

3) Emissary of Light Handbook, #1 Transcription

4) #2 Emissary of Light, Middletown, PA, 2/18/17 MP3

5) Emissary of Light Handbook, #2 Transcription

6) Magdalene Message, France, 10/20/15

7) Magdalene Meditation, France, 10/20/15 

8) The Pathway of the Heart, Mary Magdalene, 2/14/13

9) Heartwomb Meditation Transcript, CA 1/13

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