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Miss Jayn’s Slice of Light

Miss Jayn has again offered us support from her expanded perspective in a message of September 11th. In her letter she cited Sunlight on Water as she spoke of models of compartmentalizing, segmenting or calibrations of the heart that occur as outdated patterns in us as we play different roles with different relationships. Jayn is is calling on (us) change-agents to create new models of e-motion ~ motion from the heart. Click to read her wonderful message in communion with Flo Magdalena:

Jayn’s September Message

An unexpected delight from Jayn’s message was pointing to one of many beautiful concepts in Sunlight on Water. The information and timing made it irresistibly obvious to utilize an excerpt from the book and create a special installment of Slices of Light – your weekly illumination #12, dedicated to our beloved Jayn Stewart.

Miss Jayn’s Slice of Light

Excerpt from Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-Full Living by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, that Jayn edited and assisted greatly for the Revised Edition.

Jayn Stewart, editor

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