Magdalene New Heart of the World Flower Essence Protocol

In this year of 2021 we are co-creating with the flowers and all of nature a new Earth. To this end we are invited by the Essence of the flowers to receive the intention of their sub-atomic structure in more fully moving us forward. We offer new guidelines here to affirm the new vibration of life brought to us through the guidance and esteem of nature and the flowers that grow to express the beauty and promise within the Mother.

Mary Magdalene

Learn more about how the flowers want to support us at this time- with Flo Magdalena

Read the Updated June 2021:

NOTE: An updated French brochure will be available soon!

Heart Of The World Flower Essence Distributors

Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Nancy Strachan, co-creators of HOTW Flower Essences are extremely excited to work with trained distributors for Heart of the World Flower Essences. Our HOTW network will significantly reduce shipping and customs charges as well as expedite orders in Canada and Europe.

 To order HOTWFE in the US, email Nancy Strachan: at 
or phone Nancy at: 540-314-2800.

To order HOTWFE in the US, email Flo Aeveia: at 
or phone Flo at: 802-722-9554.

To order HOTWFE in the US, email Denise Weinberger at:
or phone Denise at: 315-247-7562.

To order HOTWFE in Canada, email Dominique Renaud at:
or phone Dominique at: 418-944-8292.

  To order HOTWFE in Europe, email Ruth Cooper at: 
or phone Ruth at: +44 7899962067.

Previous event calls, updates and protocols

Watch an Introduction video for the Magdalene Message 2/28 Call with Flo Magdalena

Watch the video recording of the New Magdalene Protocol meeting call:

Watch the FRENCH translated video recording of the New Magdalene Protocol meeting call:

Listen to the audio recording of the New Magdalene Protocol meeting call:

Enjoy the extensively descriptive brochure about each of the sacred HOTW Flower Essences, where the New Magdalene Protocol is highlighted.