Leadership, Mastery and Presence Online Training

With Flo Magdalena and Shoes Fillman

We will be offering Module 1 of the Leadership Training in the fall and more information will be available soon!

Soul Support will again offer Module 1 of our Leadership Training online. You are invited to attend this training if you intend to open and direct your energies to Heart/Soul Leadership. You will receive support in developing personal centeredness, grounded awareness and assistance with creating your next steps for bringing your full gifts and wisdom to the world.

Join us for this special event if you are:

  • Ready to deepen your personal mastery
  • Act from a more congruent and powerful place
  • Offer your gifts and wisdom in a consistent and grounded manner
  • Identify and release areas of beliefs and conditioning
  • Be effective, creative and transformational leaders

Areas of Study include:

  • Unified fields and the human energy system— how it all works and how to hold your place in the field of co-creation
  • Being a heart-centered leader
  • Competition, sharing power
  • Intuitive and telepathic awareness
  • Balance between mind, body, emotion and spirit
  • Understanding group dynamics
  • Speaking and acting from the essence of soul
  • Developing intuitive abilities
  • Practicing leadership and teaching skills
  • Clarifying strengths and goals

There is no tuition for Teachers-in-training or Soul Recognition Facilitators-in-training. Others may attend on a sliding scale from $240.00-$480.00. $80.00 of the tuition will be returned for each event (up to 3 events) given by an attendee within 6 months of the conclusion of the training, demonstrating their Leadership and Mastery.

For details and more information please email Soul Support Systems staff @ soulsupport@soulsupportsystems.org
or phone: (802) 722-9554.