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Call dates , topics and whole group communication:

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July Group ~ Individual Readings:

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Statements of Purpose from the TEAM members with TNO readings of July call :

Mike P:
“My gift is opening to light from above and breathing out from my heart the unified structure of consciousness, bridging the masculine and feminine, the visible and invisible; an activator of energy, I can breathe with and help others manifest their intentions.”

“I bring the Essences of Creation: Light, Order. Truth. and Union; or the Divine Union into form. I enfold, develop and teach this.”

Karin E.:
“Dear fellow finite beings with infinite capacity ~ I am a creator ~ here to create something new ~ here to facilitate others creations. ~ “

Karen D:
“I’m here to bring energy, or consciousness, of Truth onto the planet.  To live, hold, and establish the greater Truth, bringing It to Everyone, for All Time.  Truth is the basis for Choice of Peace with all peoples, at all times, in all ways.”

“I am a Pillar of Order, my service is about bringing this Order in a continual way, bringing justice and balance. The Pillar of Order is designing in each moment the best outcome. It’s the first thing we need to move towards oneness. Restoring the Order on the planet is the basis of peace on earth. 
I pledge to support our group in the ongoing unfolding of a more reliable, honest and clear outcome in the outer world.” 

Melinda D:
“I choose to stay in this dimension to be of service to the world, aspiring to walk as a Divine Human, ever-bearing my banner of Heart/Truth.
With my humble request to rub elbows with ascended masters and archangels, I open to their support in stabilizing my structure, as Divinity is infused into my every cell, breath, blood and bones.
I remain in trust of them until I Know and own my Divinity and with my feminine wings and fragrance expansive and flowing as a wave throughout humanity, in every space and situation.
May I serve and honor ALL Life with my Divinity of Order, sparking of Light, commitment of Truth, One Heart of Union, and language of Love.

Melinda & Pu w/wings; App. 2004 -I NEVER rode my bike before calling ALL angels to ride with us!
My earliest memory of sometimes feeling my wings was at 13 when red-tail hawks started (when I noticed) hanging out wherever I went. In playful communication with them, I spread my wings and zigzagged through the woods.

“Blessings Dear Hearts,

My reading was focused was on my body. I was given a process to morph overall health issues. Laughter is a key. Affirmations were given. In time, I will share and teach this, but they were clear healing isn’t my main purpose. It was a magical, powerful and extremely life affirming reading. Sending much love and gratitude for everything, Flo and The Ones With No Names.

Loving you all so much, Joy”

All our calls will be held at 7:30pm

Group Personal Sharing

Please send any notes, sharings, images etc. that you are moved to share with our group to Melinda. A document in ‘Word’, text, or .pdf format will suffice. Most any image format is fine.

Melinda January Share: I took a snapshot of my very rough January notes of working with the posed questions, and more. I quickly found in unpacking things about myself- a worthwhile ‘assignment’, that I barely touched the tip of an ancient iceberg. At some point, I threw in the towel, and got around to the actual January questions. Still running out of time, I worked in an outline or summary format. If my notes seem chaotic (they are), then they represent a slice of the ‘chaos/clarity’ mode of “where I’m at”. Enter at your own risk… 😊 Click here: