We held a celebration of Jayn’s life with a memorial gathering on Zoom on Sunday 5/3/20 @ 2pm Eastern time. You can be a part of it here.

Celebrating the Life of Jayn Adina Stewart
6/’41 – 4/’20

Our Beloved Jayn Stewart

Dear Soul Support Community:

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write to let you know that Jayn Adina Stewart made her transition on Saturday night, the 25th of April in Tacoma, WA… (Read more in a tribute from Flo Aeveia Magdalena:)

Tribute to Jayn

A Tribute from Albert

View VIDEO of SSS May 3rd Celebration of Jayn’s Life Gathering
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Jayn Stewart Memorial Fund

A recent dream shared by Jayn was to create an epic film of I Remember Union.To support this vision, our community has established a fund in Jayn’s name for the pre-pre-production of the film.

Sharing from the Memorial Gathering

Linda Burns Opened with Lighting the Candle

Details of items from the candle altar:

Details of Mother Earth Altar items:

Jayn is a Beautiful Rose and Butterfly:

Impressions of Jayn’s Essence from memorial attendees:

If you have anything you would like to share about Jayn, please leave comments below.
You can also send images or content to Melinda to post on this page where memories of Jayn can be shared!

5 thoughts on “Honoring Jayn Adina Stewart

  1. Nancy Strachan let me know that Jayn had passed – and so close to us in Tacoma WA. I don’ believe you have my correct email address for newsletters and alerts. I would have joyously joined the memorial. Please add me to your mailing list at toni@sacredspaceswa.com

    With much love to you all,

    1. Toni, I am updating your info. for newsletters right now.
      Warm regards,

  2. I was sorry to miss the Memorial but Jayn is in my heart and will be for some time. I always remember her saying, in the 1990’s, that we would live through a time in which there was dancing in the streets. And on the night of the 2008 election, I witnessed it with my own eyes. People in NYC were dancing in the street and I thought of lovely wise Jayn. I feel so honored to have known her.

  3. Oh! Dear Jayn. I had many special moments with her on retreat and also together in London. What a dear graceful, kind and shining Light she was. I have loved following her on her wonderful recent journies. I am so glad she got to take them. Sending Jayn all my love, wherever you are, dancing on a star, and love as well to dear Flo Aeveia Magdalena. Maybe Jayn will finally get the film going now!!! Much love, Stephanie

  4. I find it so easy to connect with the beauty and golden angelic essence of Jayn. She is sooo Angelic and huge! and so golden and warm and loving and radiant. I met Jayn in 1994 at the very first women’s Soul Recognition Training in Vermont. It was my very first women’s gathering too. I took the train in from NYC. And had actually just met Albert in Phoencia, NY at another training center called the Pathwork. It was such synchronicity. I had no idea these 2 beautiful souls I just fell in love with as soul family connections would also soon be meeting and falling truly in love as partners. At the Soul Recognition Jayn had the most open heart and helped me to understand the earth energy I was experiencing entering my body there in a new way. She and her son Matt who was there too. It was like soul family all around. Years later we met again after simultaneously moving to and living in Santa Fe. Albert also, and Joy was there visiting often. And of course Aeveia came in at various times. Jayn was always a central love and warmth. She still is. I feel her often, and have spoken with her too. She is truly helping me. And I love her so. so. Much. I made an altar to her in my woods after she left her earth body in the woods by my home by my tall sugar gum prayer tree. With a goddess angel statue, flowers and some prayer flags. I hope you enjoyed them Jayn! Those gold and red flowers stayed in full bloom for weeks (of course!!) and a female cardinal often appears after I have had some contact with angelic golden goddess Angel Jayn… I love you!! (too 😉 ) xoxo sending love always, Alexa

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