The Accordance Factor in Creation

An Important Message from The Great Mother of Earth

Through Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Date: October 1,  2019  –  Time: 7-9 PM  –  Venue: Unity Bon Air  –  Exchange: By Donation


The Great Earth Mother is bringing messages about how we can affect the disparate and challenging situations and separations we now face in our world.

    She requests that we join our energetic fields to erase all borders and separations of continents and nations, and return to Oneness. Her statement is that the Earth itself has no borders, and our return to Oneness resets the consciousness of all peoples.

    Recently, her instruction was about creating Accordance…a state of grace that comes around you that is global, a circle. It comes from all aspects of creation, not just one person or one angel, one group or one idea. It comes from the whole Accordance Factor in Creation. It says to you, you are a plausible, devoted and cherished being in the unfolding of this large design of clarity coming forth now.

    In the Accordance of this grace, you are then invited into the Trilogy, so that your understanding & awareness is strengthened. You are held in a much stronger way. You are protected from the falling apart of the world around you. The Accordance then provides you the texture, current or frequency to stabilize your life, events & relationships within this core.

    When the Trilogy is established in a thousand people, we shift the axis. We shift the open spaces between us so that we see each other no matter where we are. We open to this consciousness that has been promised to humanity.

    Join us to receive the Accordance from the Great Mother, bringing forth this monumental Accordance Factor of Creation so that all people can be held within it, even if they are unable to establish it.