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Soul Support Systems Board of Directors

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We are honored to have a strong Board of Directors, each of whom is dedicated to seeing that Soul Support Systems grows and thrives. All are committed to living from their soul, have experienced our programs and services first-hand, and are enthusiastic about sharing our work with the world. Their varied professions and backgrounds create a rich mix of ideas as we plan the future.

Lauren Liberti

Lauren currently works in clinical research in a university setting. She has been immersed in the work of Soul Support Systems since her first Soul Recognition experience in 1994, and is a founding member of the Connecticut Pod. She is a Facilitator of land and water Soul Recognition.

Lauren has a strong and clear capacity to hold a field of Order and Truth, encouraging others to fully open to their potential in this field that she holds so deeply. Her deep yearning is to manifest these gifts skillfully enough to help in the healing of the planet.

Lauren takes pleasure in walks with her dog, connection with her family, and witnessing others realizing and living their gifts. Lauren is serving as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Susan Quinn

Susan’s background is primarily in administration and culinary work. In 2007 she began her relationship with Soul Support Systems as transcriptionist. Over time she took on bookkeeping and office management, and previously held the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors, to which she is again, now serving. 

Susan’s passion is cooking vegan food to help create and maintain good health, which she believes can be one a more peaceful world.

Rene Cornwell

Rene’s deepest passion in life is to assist others in the self- discovery of their Divine nature, which draws him to the work of Soul Support Systems.

For more than 17 years he has been involved with the Science of Mind Church of Religious Science through the Sanctuary for Spiritual Living in Covina, California, and the Antelope Valley Center for Spiritual Living. He is a Religious Science Practitioner. He works in the Aerospace industry.

Rene is dedicated to bringing forth the work of Soul Support Systems with the highest integrity and deepest love through his own soul’s expression. Rene is serving as President of the Board.

Location: Southern California
Contact Information:
Phone: 661-949-9439


William Ligon

William is retired from a career in business. Working for auto dealers, he rose to become the manager of a parts department. At his last dealership he and the service manager developed a system that greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of the operation. The two decided to start their own business in order to offer this system to auto dealers in the U.S. and Canada. The venture became so successful that William was able to retire early.

William now lives quietly in Black Mountain, North Carolina- a little east of Asheville with his wife, Cornelia. The property is located next to 29,000 acres of forest. He has two daughters, one “back home” in Maryland, and the other in Brooklyn. He has one beautiful  granddaughter. In 1997 William walked into an Arthur Murray studio and got hooked on dancing, and enjoys the peacefulness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Recently William rekindled a dream to sing and play piano. He is taking piano lessons now and will see how that goes!

A strong supporter of nonprofits, William has served on three boards, including Soul Support Systems, with which he has been affiliated since its founding in 1994. He is currently the board’s Vice-President. The dream he cherishes in his heart is to see this glorious Garden of Earth restored to its full potential. He believes that, through working together, this will be accomplished in the near future.

Sharron Clark

Sharron has been a part of Soul Support Systems since her 1st amazing Soul Recognition journey in 2001. She has a special love for being a facilitator of Soul Recognition and HeartThread, and holding the field of Unity in joyous strength.  She also loves the community of Soul Support Systems and feels in it the deepest connection to open souls living authentic,
heart  guided lives.

Sharron works as a Laboratory Scientist and plays in Southern California in a life filled with prayer, gratitude and lots of energy fields. She visions: “IT’S ALL GOD”.

Don Jacobs

Don is a member of the Connecticut Pod and a Soul Recognition and HeartThread Facilitator. His work with the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and his expertise in Yoga and soul-based movement modalities is a great asset in our Soul Recognition Experiences and our ongoing classes. Keep an eye out for his class on Unifying the Masculine and Feminine!

      New board members in 2021!

Melinda DeMent

Melinda is a visual artist and has been consulting and sitting on the board for the last quarter of 2020. She has been involved in the Soul Support community from 2014, participating in many events, retreats, and online courses. From the spring of ’18, she has been working with all-things technical and creative, and assisting Aeveia in the behind-the-scenes of Soul Support.

Melinda currently lives in South Carolina, and her daughter, two granddaughters and son-in-law reside in TX. Read more detail about her role with Soul Support Systems here.

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Linda Burns

Linda read Flo Aeveia’s book, I Remember Union in 1995, but it took 24 years for her to experience a lifechanging Soul Recognition in January 2019.  Since then, Linda has become a HeartThread practitioner and a Soul Recognition facilitator-in-training.  Linda developed a tangible Sacred Life Bracelet process complimenting the Soul Recognition experience and she has assisted in developing the Essential Life Skills curriculum for Soul Support Systems.

Linda is an artist, writer and jewelry designer. She authored the I AM Blessing, Sacred Symbols of the I AM Illustrated Cards, and she designed the I AM jewelry line.  She creates Inner Wisdom Beads, combining her clay artwork with elements from worldwide origins, then infusing each with love.  She lives in Fredericksburg Virginia with her husband Joe, and they have three sons. 

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Karen Wilson

Karen Wilson is an attorney, glass artist and healing arts practitioner. She practiced law for 40 years with the government and industry, working through coalitions and nonprofit organizations, to improve government and industry relations and operations in government contracting and international law. She led initiatives in business ethics, such as her position as Vice President of Ethics and Compliance for a fortune 100 company. She is licensed to practice in the states of California and Virginia. 

Karen is the owner of Stardust Artworks. She integrates her experiences from world travels and spiritual studies into messages in glass art, including her series with eight pointed stars.  She is a studio artist at the Art Glass Center at Glen Echo, continuously learning new skills with leading art glass teachers from around the world. 

Karen is also a healing arts practitioner and teacher. She is a certified Heart Thread Practitioner and completed Leadership Training with Soul Support Systems. She is currently working to become certified in Soul Recognition.  A qigong practitioner with a certification as a Dragon’s Way Instructor, Karen is also a  Medical Qigong Practitioner in the Wu Ming Qigong tradition.  She will be completing a two-year meditation teacher certification training program in February 2021 with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, through Sounds True.

Karen’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion from the College of William and Mary (BA); a Juris Doctor degree from the Washington College of Law, the American University (JD); and a Masters of Law from the George Washington University (LLM). Karen serves on several nonprofit boards including the George Washington University Law School (Government Contracts Advisory Board) and the Procurement Roundtable, a group of former senior government officials seeking to improve federal government contracting. 

Karen has two sons, Teddy and Thomas, and a dog, Saint.  She lives in Bethesda, Maryland.

Carol Ward

Carol works as a Family Support Worker for the charity Family Action in the UK.  She has been working in this area for about eight years and is currently delivering 1:1 sessions for children who have suffered from some kind of trauma.  Carol previously had a 12 year career as a self-employed Shiatsu practitioner, and prior to that spent 10 years working in marketing for an international diesel engine manufacturer in a variety of roles (Perkins Engines – a Caterpillar Company).  With a degree in languages (French and Spanish) and politics, a Diploma in marketing, and more recently gaining qualifications in Yoga Nidra, Reiki and Pilates, Carol trained in the martial art Aikido for some 10 years, which indirectly led her into her Shiatsu career.

Carol was first introduced to Soul Support Systems about five years ago when Flo visited the UK.  Carol is currently training to be a Facilitator and is involved in the development of the Essential Life Skills programs. 

Carol lives in Peterborough, UK.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Founder of Soul Support Systems

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

“The Soul is Our Greatest Untapped Resource! What we think we have lost is but the promise of what is yet to come!”

   Flo Magdalena is a spiritual mid-wife who has worked throughout the world with individuals and groups since the late ‘70’s. Flo leads experiential retreats, trainings, and programs she has developed that assist and support her students and clients to remember and access the connection with their innermost self, their soul. Her deep energy work forges a conscious relationship with the soul that affects the balance and interconnection between the body, emotion, mind and spirit. We can then experience optimal health and emotional transparency, create lasting and harmonious relationships, and live in more balance with our inner and outer world, fully bringing our gifts forth.

Flo is founder of Soul Support Systems and the Heaven On Earth Global Community. Individual, group experiences and Teacher Certifications are offered by Soul Support in: Soul RecognitionSM: A Breathtakingly profound journey inward; Circuitry AlignmentSM: Connecting our soul’s intention with whole body awareness; HeartThreadSM: Shifting long-standing physical and emotional patterns held in the body through a dialogue with our unconscious; The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM: Learn to shift perception to experience more balance and peace through mapping the brain.

From a mystical three-year experience with Mary Magdalene, Flo wrote I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, a dramatic, evocative and inspiring book that reveals Magdalene’s role in the life of Christ and their destinies that initiated the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, 2000 years ago.

Flo’s other books are: Sunlight On Water: A Guide For Soul-full LivingHonoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication, Cynthia’s Promise, Hearts of the Village, Heartful Living: Engaging With Our Hearts With All Life, and The Light Magnificent & The Power of Grace, and The Voice of the Mothers. Her work brings a message of hope about our capacity to create a world of peace, honor, and union.

Flo lives in Vermont with her husband, David. She has two children, three granddaughters, one grandson, and a cute dog named Norton.