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Celebration of the Life of Jayn Stewart

NOTICE: An important SSS announcement:

The Anniversary of Jayn’s Transition (Flight to Angelic-hood) is April 25th. Join Us at 1:00 PM Eastern For a celebration of her life and catching up to her antics! We are all feeling Miss Jayn, and it will be great to swap stories and call her in for a bit of fun!

We held a celebration of Jayn’s life with a memorial gathering on Zoom on Sunday 5/3/20 @ 2pm Eastern time.
You can be a part of it HERE.

Our Beloved Jayn Stewart

Jayn Stewart Memorial Fund

A recent dream shared by Jayn was to create an epic film of I Remember Union.To support this vision, our community has established a fund in Jayn’s name for the pre-pre-production of the film. You can donate to Soul Support and receive a deduction through our 501C3.
If you wish to donate, we prefer you send a check. PayPal fees are absorbent! Or, your may utilize PayPal by clicking the PayPal button below:

Important notification: We now have a website All Worlds Publishing (from where our books are distributed) that hosts the books that author Flo Aeveia Magdalena and editor Jayn Adina Stewart co-created. It is Only there that you will find the books I Remember Union, Sunlight on Water, and Honoring Your Child’s Spirit.