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Celebration of the Life of Jayn Stewart

NOTICE: An important SSS announcement:

We held a celebration of Jayn’s life with a memorial gathering on Zoom on Sunday 5/3/20 @ 2pm Eastern time.
You can be a part of it HERE.

Our Beloved Jayn Stewart

Jayn Stewart Memorial Fund

A recent dream shared by Jayn was to create an epic film of I Remember Union.To support this vision, our community has established a fund in Jayn’s name for the pre-pre-production of the film. You can donate to Soul Support and receive a deduction through our 501C3. If you wish to donate, you may send a check or utilize PayPal by clicking the PayPal button below:

Important notification: We now have a website All Worlds Publishing (from where our books are distributed) that hosts the books that author Flo Aeveia Magdalena and editor Jayn Adina Stewart co-created. It is Only there that you will find the books I Remember Union, Sunlight on Water, and Honoring Your Child’s Spirit.

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2020 Soul Support Fundraiser Recording

The message from The Ones With No Names was profound, informative and supportive!!!!
If you missed the call, you can still donate and receive the audio recording!

“Destructure to Restructure” Art by Melinda DeMent

This call event was held: Date: December 12th, 2019 – Time: 8:00 PM Eastern


If you missed the 12/12 call, you can still donate and watch the video and listen to the audio recording!

If you have questions, please email Melinda!

Click to donate $33.00 to the SSS fundraiser.

Read more about the upcoming yearlong course spoken about in the 12/12 message “2020- A Call to Action