Adventures In Self-Mastery

Co-create Self Mastery Skills Guided by Your Soul

A 9 Week Series

Adventures In Self-Mastery is an online course series that explores what begins to happen when we commit to living, in body, mind, emotion, and spirit, actively engaging life as Co-Creators with our Souls. Aware of our Soul’s Design and using our energy fields to attract the experience of our dreams, we set ourselves free from the limiting perceptions of time and space common in linear reality.

Self Mastery Attributes

The Self-Mastery course provides you with the knowledge, skills, and practices to communicate with your Soul as your co-creative partner of your life as a Soul incarnate. You learn to practice, trust, and follow your Soul, and fully align with and embody that which is already ordained within your Soul’s Design. I call it The “Blue-Space”. You begin to live completely and consistently self-fulfilled.

Ask yourself:
• What does that life look like to you?
• What does freedom mean/look like to you?
• What is it like to have dominion over your thoughts, feelings and actions?
• What would it be like to be in love with yourself as the source of self-change?
• What would it be like to live courageously?

What You Will Learn In Adventures In Self Mastery

This series process includes 9 experiential sessions!

Weekly Topics

Each session begins with the Prayer For Self-Mastery.


With Mentor Albert Moore

This Soul Support System sponsored series begins:

Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 7 – 8 pm Eastern

The 9-Week Series Sessions of app. 90 minutes:

Thursdays, Beginning April 22, 2021 @ 7 – 8:30 pm Eastern

Subsequent Thursday dates: 4/29; 5/6; 5/13; 5/20; 5/27; 6/3; 6/10; 6/17 & 6/24, 2021.

Number of registrants to conduct class: Minimum of 6 – Maximum of 12
Registration will be closed after 1st session.

Questions: Contact Albert at: 505.310.2089 or

Adventures In Self-Mastery Full Series Registration Fee $270
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Adventures In Self-Mastery Testimonials

I encourage you to avail yourself of this opportunity to learn and experience Albert’s Self-Mastery class.

Albert, a co-founder of Soul Support Systems, has developed a series of experiences in his 9-class series that awaken our creative capacity through our soul’s connection with what Al calls the blue space. Just imagining that space opens profound doorways to our creativity and the expression of our soul’s essence and destiny.

Down to earth and practically applicable classes open our union with our Divine plan through our mastery of the Order within and catalyze our soul’s directional flow of intention and manifestation. Mastering life from our soul aligns and fortifies these intentions, and with Al’s guidance we combine metaphysics and shamanic and tantric practices to bring our body, emotion, mind and spirit to more fully serve the wholeness of our being.
Flo Aeveia

Albert’s gift is helping people to awaken to the idea that the physical 3-D reality is not all there is. He is a guide for those looking to transform their lives. I am eternally grateful to Albert for helping me to get in touch with my inner guidance system. It has allowed me to find peace in what once looked like chaos. As a result, I saw significant changes in my external world.
S.D., Richmond, VA

Albert is a conscious observer of his life and his role on Earth at this time of the great transition from separation to Union. He shares his understanding of his Soul and his Soul’s Design for this life and how it participates with others in the human evolutionary process. In Adventures In Self-Mastery, he illustrates universal principles, uses examples from his life, and explains these concepts in different ways to ensure that others grasp them. It was both a pleasure and enlightening to be in his Self-Mastery study group.
C.H. Richmond, VA

Albert’s book: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul is recommended reading for the AIS-M Study Group.