A Day of Respite and Peace

Winter Solstice December 21, 2020

An Amazing Day of Love, Reclamation and Abundant Healing

On the Winter Solstice, our community shared a Day of Respite and Peace, physical embodiment and deep communion with our souls, our spirits and each other.

20-stunning community members offered their presence, wisdom and clarity to assist us to integrate and embrace the fullness of this transformational time. We laughed, cried and excelled, TOGETHER. It was stupendous.  We recorded the whole 12-hour offering. The event has now been created in segments just as it was offered on 12/21/2020, and it is available for viewing below.

Here is our list of those we wish to thank and honor for their service to us all:

Joan Manos for opening, invoking and grounding the Divine Feminine, Indigenous Tribes, and the Union of Our Souls with Mother/Father Earth.

Aurora Youngs for expanding our integration of the energy of creation, its impact on our bodies and hearts, and setting a physical energetic field for the day. As our last presenter, she brought us through a timeless stream of inclusivity to spark within us the awareness of our full human journey as a Cosmic Family.

Gabriella Angus for bringing forth the voices of William Marshal and his guidance on the importance of self-compassion and responding to John Henry’s advice for us to laugh, share our hearts, and remember self-love.

Amanda Reno for her amazing Hooping Meditation, daring us to expand our practices of reflection and connection to the Divine through meditating while spinning! Beautiful!

Anna Saqqara for creating a rainbow bridge uniting us with the chakras of the world. Deeply empowering and expanding.

Neerja Bhatia for her lovely introduction to the 7-characteristics of the Goddess, the images of these archetypes and her invitation to step into their shoes and reflect these qualities ourselves.

Lucia Birch for the 4-directions Earth honoring practice. Lucia connected us with the Essence of the Earth and drew from us our relationship with life and being as we honored the Earth. Calming and Supportive.

Linda Burns for her lovely meditation, bringing our circle into Oneness and Unity as we moved together into the center of her personal labyrinth, built by her son. 

Charlotte Roscher for bringing us information about the effect of spiritual frequencies on our chakras and leading a chakra toning meditation. Effective and relevant to our “new” experience of being.

Stacey Hentschel for deepening our connection with every part of our body through a somatic meditation that linked our essence and our souls with our body. Nurturing and Unifying!

Jadwiga ‘Hedy’ Pylak for bringing the immense light of God into our cells, organs and systems and embracing new energy in our body.

Joanna Pylak for inviting a deep and lasting dialogue with our bodies — what we ask of them and what they ask of us in return— a love exchange that stays with us.

Lauren Liberti for her holographic integrating practice to assist us in bringing the wholeness of our life into being through merging our past and future…there is no time when we are Light!

Karen Wilson who opened our awareness of the Heart through gentle movements of circles to bring our attention and intention home to being. Such an important return to being!!

Judy Greenman for opening pathways of expression and nuance that re-pattern our habitual natures to discover the Truth within our bones, our hearts and our vision that open new vistas of ease and comfort in being.

Joy Melchizedek for her meditation to guide us in Birthing New Earth Light Waves and discovering the magnificence of the light we are. Yes!

Dorothy Stone for chanting the song of the Cherokee, playing chimes and bowls and offering a soothing and relaxing reflection of light and sound and how they interface. Profound responses within!

Dominique Renaud for offering an amazing awareness of the consciousness of nature through her interaction with a beautiful snowflake. She opened the world of creation and self-empowerment for us. Josee Doucet translated this lovely French story for us and our Canadian French community. So good to have you join us!

Nancy Strachan for her prayers of the heart and soul and inviting our connection to the Great Mother Earth. Inspiring and uplifting. Our gratitude to Melinda DeMent for her ongoing support and presence to sustain the ins and outs of our new forum, Zoom!