2020 Action Takers Personal Essences Sharing

Submissions and Offerings from 2020 Action Class Members:

The TNO and Flo gave you each personal readings and guidance in July and August TEAM calls. You were told about the importance of what will happen for you in the next three months, to assist you to clarify who you are, why you are here, and what you are focusing on. This will bring you closer to Knowing and BEing WHO YOU ARE.

All 2020 Action Takers represented on this private page has created a succinct two-line statement that encapsulates the Essence of our resonance with the offered guidance from TNO, and open to sharing our readings.

Please consider this a safe and sacred space for us to be in the field of what is arriving for each of us and to honor each others’ progress. 

~ ❤ ~

Lexi Stead 11/19

Lexi Stead: “I am to integrate the feelings of safety and joy into my body so that it may heal and receive the message I am here to share. I am here to teach others how to bridge the divine connection into their dualities so that they may live fully from their hearts and experience the peace and oneness of their souls.”

Raine Harrison: 11/21

Raine Harrison: “I have keys in my heart that will unlock remembrances of wisdom and knowledge which give action steps on how to lift others into the light.  My promise is to use the heart to fortify and create harmony, balance and truth.”

Laura Wolf 11/24

Laura Wolf: “I am a very lush, beautiful, unique flower who naturally activates humans into the remembrance of who they really are (embodied divinity) and alchemically transforms the challenges of humanity into truth, love, harmony and union.  My instructions are to send my essence to anyone or anywhere I feel called where there is duality, suffering, struggle and strife, to wrap my flower essence around the person or situation, and allow my essence to help the person or situation to remember Union.” 


Karen Wilson 11/19

Karen Wilson: I am to bring the creative of all dimensions residing in my being into the world through my heart, to the hearts of others, to restore grace to the world.  I am also to balance the masculine and feminine energy through my glass work.”

Aurora Youngs: 11/23

Aurora Youngs: “I am here to bring the elements of Creation: Light, Order Truth and Oneness, as a representative of this Divine Union of Above and Below.
I bring this Divine Marriage into form and am using it to develop, enfold and teach these principles.”

Aurora Youngs: 11/23: “I  find ways to transform the thoughts/minds/actions of humanity by accessing and consolidating the integration of the new energies that are coming to create new structures of consciousness. I’ll be writing from what the new patterns bring as opportunities and benefits to humanity in the New World.”

Jennifer 11/23

Jennifer Bríd: “”I am a seer into all the worlds, and have come to use this ability to expand my own wisdom and consciousness, channel music and writings and other messages, and stream the healing energies of the worlds with which I am allied forth to bring greater anchoring of their energies and potentials for love, joy, and fulfillment to Earth. 
I am Sorceress, Star Child, healer, musician, Creatress, and Wild One, and I have come to bring growth, healing, and Heaven to Earth – first to myself, and then to others.”

Flo Aeveia 11/22

Flo Aeveia: “I am here to open my inner vision to what is ready to unfold for me so that I may rest, receive and deepen. Focusing on the inner will provide an expansive and creative energy to support my life and my work.”

William Ligon 11/19

William Ligon: “I hold the vision of the renewal of this magnificent planetary Garden to its full potential and fruition.  I allow myself to open, so I may bring forth the knowledge and wisdom that will assist humanity to join with Gaia in manifesting the promise of Peace and abundance for all life.”

Roslyn McGrath: 11/21

Roslyn McGrath: “I am blossoming my understanding and sharing of ancient, present, and future wisdoms from many spiritual sources and all elemental kingdoms to help restructure and fortify what’s needed to bring Truth to the world, helping to birth these necessary ingredients in the consciousness of humanity in a new way, and anchoring them in the New Earth. My love of designing helps me do so in the ways that fit best.”

Anna Chrzanowski 11/23

Anna Chrzanowski: “I am an angelic presence and I need to incorporate and accept the angelic power in my body so I am the resonance and vibration of the angelic. I can use that power everywhere I go and share it with people so they remember home, truth and they do not feel afraid, separate and lonely.”

Don Jacobs: “I am to continue to embody Divine Masculine energy that I have committed to live fully in every moment. I have also been asked to search other divine Masculine Beings in other Lifetimes, record my findings about them and begin to teach men to live into this Divine energy! “

Raphael Weisman 11/19

Raphael Weisman: “I have been asked to receive messages and share the instructions and teachings of 12 “new voices”, the New Earth Council. They are weaving a new “Journal of Reality”, which will reveal the truth as a basis for building new structures that support the New Earth and the individuals who become part of these weekly offerings.” ~ New Earth Council ~

Melinda DeMent: 11/21

Melinda DeMent: “I am aspiring to walk as a Divine Human, ever-bearing my banner of Heart/Truth, as Divinity is infused into every cell of my being until I Know and own my Divinity.
I shall spread my feminine wings as a wave flowing throughout humanity, in every space and situation, serving and honoring ALL Life through the language of Love.“

Marty Skopp: 11/21

Marty Skopp: “My role is to be a teacher and orchestrator to help lay down the foundation of the New Earth showing how to support the process of moving forward. I am to receive guidance and then represent the most advantageous pathway clearly so that the consciousness is of the highest outcome and is fully embraced for the greatest benefit of all.”

Linda Burns 11/24

Linda Burns: “I am bringing Grace, Compassion, Passion and the stability of knowing Oneness to all of humanity, heaven and earth, and all living things.  I will receive clear ideas to write about these areas of consciousness that will open hearts, connection, beauty and blessing.”

Laurie Timmermann 11/24

Laurie Timmermann: “I focus deeply inward into my soul seed space so that from the depth of my awareness, consciousness, and essence, I bring forth an energy that will restore light, order, truth and union on the planet, four aspects of creation that I carry and now aim to adjust my life around, as well as tap a collective consciousness of solutions for humanity from my lifetimes during upheaval, so as to bring forth messages and information with answers, directions and guidance points for the world that I express, share, ground, and merge with those of others in a way to respond to the needs of the people and to guide the people.
As a wisdom holder of ancient lineage, I am here to create that union between the masculine and the feminine, to open the consciousness of the people to the wisdom of how divine union really works, and to seed a foundation of a new kind of restorative energy of the safety of the masculine as intended, the wisdom from both the masculine and the feminine and the sustenance of the feminine herself, calling forth this wisdom into this dimension and world so it is invincible.  The two missions both aim to: 1. make a stable space of unification and 2. create this union and oneness and capacity to work together.”

Sharon Lees 11/19

Sharon Lees: “I’m part of a team of people around the planet who are here to serve as transmitters or ‘substations of consciousness’.  Source Light is emitted through a circular, crystalline structure in the top of our heads (It holds the Points of Origin) and this Light infuses all earth and aspects of human experience with the same compatible Light of Destiny.  The Light radiates out 360 degrees, and the steadier my team and I hold it, (which is our job) the more it expands, creating a magnetic wave within the circle which agitates and ignites all of life, thus contributing to the planetary destructuring and shifting into the Original Design. The team is also working to establish a Gridwork of Light (spaces on and around the whole circumference of the planet) where the lights can interrelate and emote together, pulsing in synchronicity to help inform and structure consciousness.”

Lori Blackwell 11/22

Lori Blackwell: “I AM a Pathfinder allowing the Grace of Creation to flow through me— so as to find the Pathways of Divinity through the muck and challenges of human dynamics– back to Oneness.  I AM here to shatter duality and separation by finding the Good of every point of my abusive past and life; transmuting, adding to it—amending it into transformative story which, when shared, heals –creating new family constellations and templates of Oneness for myself, children and adults.”

Joy Melchezidek 11/22

Joy Melchezidek: “Use Laughter, Crystalline Light, Oxygen and Energy, to Self-Master total Health and well-being these next 3 months. This is something I will teach but it isn’t my primary purpose.”

Margaret Joseph 11/19

Margaret Joseph: “My gift is clarity of heart and as I make sure I am standing in my clarity of heart I provide a field for others to know their own clarity of heart and move forward in whatever way they need to in their life. These 3 months are a time for me to deepen my knowing of this gift and open my vision of how I may offer this to people.”

Anyaa 11/25

Anyaa: “I am a warrior~ess, and with the safety and assistance of 12 Earth Guardians, my job is to mirror back to the anti-life forces (individuals, groups and organizations) that are stealing light, life-force energy, and the lives of others, so that their mirrored energy takes apart and disassembles the anti-life energy. I am able to send these Earth Guardians to others for safety, protection and for them to use this mirroring process when and when needed. Aho~Ayehay, and So It Is!”

Mike Potvin: 11/21

Mike Potvin: “I am a bridge from the invisible to the visible. I ‘m an activator of energy; I can stand with someone and help them manifest their intention.”

Lauren Liberti: 11/21

Lauren Liberti: “I am a pillar of Truth and Truth flows from me and reorders the space wherever it goes.  I can clone Truth and send it anywhere it is requested or that I choose.”

Karin Edgett: 11/21

Karin Edgett: Dear fellow finite beings with infinite capacity ~ I am a creator ~ here to create something new ~ here to facilitate others creations ~”

Jan Nicholson:: 11/21

Jan Nicholson: “I am a Pillar of Order, with the capacity to send the Pillar of Order and stabilize it where it can provide support, justice and balance. I chose to hold Order because it is the first thing we need to move towards oneness and is the basis of peace on earth.”

Rene Cornwell: 11/21

Rene Cornwell: “I humbly embody the light and express the immense heart of the Divine. I am a conduit for Light into the earth plane.”

Maryanne Maldonado 11/19

Maryanne Maldonado: “I agreed to receive, download and record ancient wisdom and understandings in collaboration with the archangels, avatars, Melchizedek and others to ground a new, clear and direct plan, a new consciousness which will benefit the planet, containing the wisdom and the essence of the Jade Sun and the Emerald Tablets.”

Soma Hunter: 11/21

Soma Hunter: “I am here to magnify the presence of Oneness in my etheric body. This involves being grounded energetically in the Earth, open to the light from above and the thoughts trailing its essence, while trusting my power to my heart and soul seed as a sanctuary for truth.”

Sue Pighini: 11/21

Sue Pighini: “As an experiencer of 3 near-death experiences, I feel I am a bridge to or translator of the nonphysical world and its wisdom to humanity by the written and spoken word. Additionally, translating unconditional divine love from the connection to the wisdom of the horse.”

Charlotte Roscher 11/23

Charlotte Roscher: “In my last 3 lifetimes including this life, I have been a switchboard to energies that have needed to enter into this planetary realm; for this lifetime it represents bringing in energies, beings and elements that are needed for the planetary shift.
In this lifetime, I represent the union between the above and below in my body and because I know what Creation is, I call it forth without making changes and I am slowly and gently preparing to dissolve into pure consciousness as I am awakening  TO ALL THAT I AM into ALL THAT IS and all parts of me will express Union with the Divine and my dissolving will be my pathway home.”

Cheryl Perko 11/19

Cheryl Perko: “I am the Light and the LIfe.  I acknowledge the Light in All That Is.”

Joy McFarland: 11/21

Joy McFarland: “I’m to put together, in one place in front of me,  everything I’ve learned in 82 years, so I can take it all in and integrate it into my being and awareness to feel that everything is there and “I’ve got it!”
I’m to recognize the power of my energy system and (strength) and that everything that’s coming in, is coming for the purpose of fully integrating the spirit into life–one of the things (I’ll) be sharing and teaching in the future.”

Neerja Bhatia 11/24

Neerja Bhatia: Igniting the wisdom of ‘Unity’ by inspiring the choice point of ‘Conscious Awareness’ to build strong foundations of trust, congruence and connection.”

Myra Jackson 11/24

Myra Jackson: “In the rhythmic, spiraling chthonic energies that rise from the microcosmic and Macrocosmic energies of the Macrocosm, I open and expand like a petal opening to the Sun, so that all might feel the Sun, as the deeper Truth dawning upon them. In this precise way, as by Design, I organize and orchestrate invisible energies coming together at collective levels of consciousness that are ready to BE foundationed into the Mesocosm as Truth, Collectivism and Consciousness through media, and like structures.”

Alexa Major 11/19

Alexa Major: “I received a healing practice for restoring/strengthening the integrity of my 4 levels over the next 3 months towards bringing in a new body, new human, new earth; and will teach resolution and rewiring a new body and a new earth in connection with my soul work.”

Susan Quinn 11/19

Susan Quinn: “I am here to love everyone and everything equally. When I offer gifts, a I m giving love and the TNO want me to reabsorb the love I give (as a sponge) to allow that love and energy to come around back inside me.”

Shelley Hensley 11/23

Shelley Hensley: “I am here to bring the energy of creation for express purpose of tweaking situations where the balance of the heart is missing.  I am actually ordering this reality of the “No Other” in a way that offers me a strong and  magnificent energy from the Angelic Realm that will “Slay dragons and move mountains.” 
The practicing is “I am here and so are they and we are we“ and as we bring the Angelic together, the “we” is supported by the “All”.  The WE and the ALL justify our relationship with Earth, through the promise and Truth that there is only ONE.” 

Patricia Olenick: “I am becoming reacquainted with Mother Sophia.  At this particular time, her energies are directing me out in nature, with flowers and trees and gardening…..  It is where I belong and find my greatest balance.”

Angélica Christi: “To connect with divine Light, filling my being and transmuting every cell into golden-diamond rays, and columns of light. To infuse the earth, the trees and all nature with every step/breath I take, as well as working with Angelic Beings and Counsels of Light for clarity and the purpose of each color & the appropriate volume to assist the healing of humanity.”

Amanda Reno 11/24

Amanda Reno: “Bringing in new consciousness of what has been forgotten, lifting spirits through circular energy. Creating wisdom cards connected to the fairies light beings and insects.”

Kristen Moquin: “I am here to anchor divine Source through bringing forth original light. It is a masculine energy that settles the field, creates safety, has infinite power to balance, heal, and share light with others.”

Jaclyn Chisholm: “Such an inspiring evening … there is certainly magic and creation afoot as we transition into Fall.
My affirmation, intention, focus and action over the next 3 months is to reflect upon
Exchanging life
I am breathing life. 
Life is stabilizing my structure and my consciousness. 
I am ready to live fully as a flower of the divine creation.”

Dorothy Stone 11/23

 Dorothy Stone: “I am here to hold and deliver harmonic resonance within the healing Matrix of consciousness through the placement of tuning forks as Pillars of Order in the etheric realm.
In the next three months I am working with whatever person, place or thing is endeavoring to create order/balance in their field. I will be gaining a greater understanding of the scientific nature of how this all works and how the energies weave together. “

Ilene Venizelos: “Bringing in the consciousness of many paths of spirit including the divine feminine & making it part of the human experience.”

Stacey Hentschel 11/23

Stacey Hentschel: “Bring together spirit & then earth into 4 levels of  body, emotion, mental, spirit, so they’re balanced at the same frequency ~ in my centered, grounded being, cells, etc ~   As this happens,  ~ I disappear, dissolving into divine oneness & union ~ so oneness & union, eternally emanates from my being, infusing, into all space & time, to all . . .  projects, intentions, beings, existence, life . . .”

Kisha Mungkornpanich 11/23

Kisha Mungkornpanich: “I am merging truths from diverse cultures and perspectives into a unified vibration until the One Truth of Oneness consciousness comes through.”

Karen Dare 11/23

Karen Dare: “I’m here to bring energy, or consciousness, of Truth onto the planet.  To live, hold, and establish the greater Truth, bringing It to Everyone, for All Time.  Truth is the basis for Choice of Peace with all peoples, at all times, in all ways.”

Julie Wombacher 11/19

Carol Ward 11/21

Julie Wombacher: “I am here to emanate wisdom, peace, grace, and trust, inviting all people to the table that we may have a sense of restfulness, belonging and honor with All.”

Carol Ward

Nancy Strachan 8/1
Nancy Strachan: 11/22

Nancy Strachan

Shoes 7/29
Shoes 11/22


Judy-Snyder 11/23


Jaclyn 11/23


Bonnie 11/23


Bob Lang 11/23

Bob Lang