Soul Support’s Executive Director

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Update: December 2018

In 2018, Soul Support foundationed the deep and amazing work that has been unfolding for the last 24 years. Based on the guidance, messages and experiences we have received and utilized, we have created new programs and services for 2019 that support our heart and soul in every day life.

There are exciting and cooperative monthly classes (listed below) given by facilitators of Soul Support Systems who wish to teach with us, a year long class on a sliding scale so that all can participate, new Soul Services that provide support for families & children, issues on death and dying, and offer Council and spiritual mentoring. We are also establishing camps for kids and families in California, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania in 2019.

Jayn Stewart, our new Education Coordinator is creating new courses and assisting us to bring the work to a clearer presentation. She has edited and integrated all of the William Marshal material, the Birthing material and the John Henry Chat material. These will be offered for purchase very soon.

We are continually organizing TEAM Earth calls to strengthen our community intention for peace and create a field of soulful response to the world’s actions. The Great Mother spoke to a group in New Mexico this month and will be speaking each month as part of our monthly TEAM Mother Earth calls.

We are developing a new program that supports individuals after their Soul Recognition to provide skills and tools to continue their soul’s expansion.

Our Board/Facilitators Conference in New Mexico this month offered a deeply felt community experience and brought an inter-continental experience, which we all loved. Another gathering is planned for May 10-12 in the mountains of Virginia.

We have created an Advisory Committee called HeartThread International to guide the expansion of the HeartThread work, and have videos of sessions and trainings available on Youtube. Raphael Weisman will handle database and facilitator details, notices, informative emails, etc. Karen Trujillo will coordinate trainings, certification and videos and traveling to seed the work.

As we take our vision and intention into generative avenues of collaboration and expansion, there is much excitation in our souls about how these new programs and opportunities will continue to ground the mission of Soul Support.

We invite your ideas, visions and participation in the unfolding of the dream of our hearts for a world where we share our power and presence in peaceful and harmonious ways.

We also invite your financial support at this time to assist us to more fully support this transition and broaden our capacity to reach others. Your donation of any amount will be appreciated, and we thank you for being a part of our community.

Love and continued blessings,

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Founder & Executive Director