The Weave of Union
with Flo Magdalena and The Messengers

Flo Aeveia Magdalena- author:
I Remember Union

The strands of our consciousness are assembling now to bring about the most monumental shift in human awareness
ever experienced!

The Weave of Union, a program offered on Sunday 5/17/20, was exceptional! Through a deep and unifying experience hosted by 
ACT—A Community of Activation, Flo Magdalena and the Messengers brought an understanding of how to create union within and supported us in learning how to fully unify with others. You can obtain *access to the audio and/or video recordings by donating via the PayPal button below.

Donations for this call are being accepted to fund a pre-production initiative for the film inspired by I Remember Union.
We are very grateful for your support for this long-awaited dream for sharing Mary’s message with the world.

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