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December Call of the Earth in Santa Fe

Mother Earth Speaks

Supporting Our Earth’s Unification

Flo Magdalena, author of I Remember Union: the Story of Mary Magdalena

Founder of Soul Support Systems & HeartThread ; will be bringing a message from the Great Mother Earth!

“The Mother Earth is requesting to speak with us directly about the unification occurring now within her core. She will instruct us in the inner and outer workings of her heart and assist us to join with her to bring forth the peace of a million years of dreaming.

Join us to create a stronger field of support and connection with the core of the Earth, and learn more about the stages of growth in the Ascension process.

The event is December 5th7-9 PM, at The Kaverns at Santa Fe Oxygen & Healing Bar 

Address: Entrance @ 137 West San Francisco Street, Santa Fe NM  87501

Suggested Donation $20

Click HERE to download flyer for events in Santa Fe in December!

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Heart Thread Dec. Santa Fe

Heart Thread 30:30 Club

Call Karen Trujillo-Heffernan for more info: (949) 547-4066

Heart Thread is a powerful way to release old patterns and condition-ing from the cells of the body and the mind. This opens more space for light and changes the old ways of seeing yourself and your story. Discover the truth of your essence and how to live from the heart. There is no processing and the mind is not involved. 

The essence of HeartThread is:

I see you. I remember you.  I love you. I connect with you.

Join us from 2:00 -5:00 PM on December 9th at Canon Del Rio,

16445 Hwy 4 in Jemez Springs, NM 87025

For a HeartThread experience – ’30 people, $30, 3 hours – with the founder of HeartThread, Flo Aeveia Magdalena, and the facilitators.

Book a spa treatment at Canon Del Rio or soak in the Jemez Hot Springs prior to attending the HeartThread gathering.

Click HERE to download flyer for events in Santa Fe in December!

Tap HERE for client response to HeartThread experiences!

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South River January Soul Recognition℠

South River Soul Recognition℠

with Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Soul Support Staff

Soul Recognition℠ is an inward journey riding the wave of your life force to meet your true self.

Join us January 23rd – January 27th, 2019, at South River Highlands in Buena Vista, VA for a very special time of renewal! Enter this space and time for a deeper and more embodied connection with your heart and soul.

Inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene, Soul Recognition℠ is a deep, profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Held in a field of unconditional love, you journey inward to clarify your life, your purpose, gifts, dreams, and yearnings. Using these gifts you gain self-confidence and live more fully as self-responsible, freely expressing from your truest self.

In the Soul Recognition℠ process, you establish a deep connection through your soul, with the essence of who you are. As the vital link with your soul is established, you begin freely expressing and creating from this essential place of strength within you – the place that yearns to be fully alive. Soul Recognition℠ is a profound way to acknowledge your soul, the part of you that is immortal, eternally strong, and endures without separation, judgment, or fear.

The soul is the first place where acknowledgment of the self is real, the first place where oneness happens, and the first place where “we-ness” is felt. Holding within it our highest potential, the soul is the meeting place of spirit and form, and contains knowledge and memory of the Source of all life. When we are linked with the Source through the soul, we experience union with all things and fulfill our yearning to be whole.

Additional details soon to follow!

Click below for an event flyer:

South River SR