Soul Recognition℠

An Inward Journey Riding the Wave of Your Life Force to Meet Your True Self

Soul Recognition offers balance for our whole system, which then creates a deeper awareness of who we are, why we are here, and more clearly shows how we “fit” in the world. When we remove areas of separation that exist within our system we are more present, available, focused and creative.

Inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene, Soul Recognition is a deep, profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Held in a field of unconditional love, you journey inward to clarify your life, your purpose, your gifts, your dreams, and your yearnings. Using these gifts you gain self-confidence, and self-responsibility, freely expressing from your truest self.

In the SR process you establish a deep connection through your soul, with the essence of who you are. As the vital link with your soul is established, you begin freely expressing and creating from this essential place of strength within you – the place that yearns to be fully alive. This is a profound way to acknowledge your soul, the part of you that is immortal, eternally strong, and endures without separation, judgment, or fear.

The soul is the first place where acknowledgment of the self is real, the first place where oneness happens, and the first place where “we-ness” is felt. Holding within it our highest potential, the soul is the meeting place of spirit and form, and contains knowledge and memory of the Source of all life.  When we are linked with the Source through the soul, we experience union with all things and fulfill our yearning to be whole.

The journey is experienced in a loving group environment created from the heart. Finding the true essence and revealing the inner workings of our lives and patterns, brings space and relief from conditioned beliefs and judgments.

Through the light of your soul a path is created, one that the mind alone could never find. You will sense the lifting of beliefs and conditions that confine you as they are gently brushed or rocked away to help you identify and implement your soul’s unique design.

Directing one’s life from the soul brings balance and harmony within and links the consciousness of many people at one time, creating a critical mass that weaves a field of union.

Journeys are four or five day experiences that include integration, assimilation, and the grounding of your journey into the deep circuits of the body. As the light and energy liberated during the SR is breathed more and more deeply into the cells, living our essential nature in everyday experience becomes easier. The SR journey assists us to truly begin remembering that we are light and vibration in form.

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The Importance of Soul-Full Living

Living through the soul’s direction and guidance allows us to live from the “inside out” rather than from the “out-side in.” We have more mental clarity, keener senses, greater depth of feeling, better health and relationships, and a newfound sense of purpose. We listen to the messages of our soul’s purpose and our heart and make decisions that enhance our lives and the lives of others.

Learn to Live Your Essential Nature

Relationships become more sustainable because we can relate to each other non-judgmentally through honoring and truth, always holding the heart more open, even in difficult circumstances.

We are already aware of the importance of the mind-body connection and its implications for health. When we experience the soul-heart connection, our energy is able to flow freely—balance and natural union exists within us and we feel an inner peace and harmony.

Soul connection also has important implications for people in challenging life circumstances, such as substance abuse, physical/emotional issues and health conditions. When we are connected with the soul on conscious and unconscious levels, we become aware of our inherent value and are more confident and self-responsible.

Soul Recognition – A Journey of Integration and Expansion

“An ancient honoring of the soul and the unique purpose of each individual, which provides a group imprinting and re-patterning as we witness each other with acceptance, love, and a sense of belonging” in this beautiful article by Flo Magdalena:


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