2020- A Call to Action

Activating Your Piece with Others to Bring Truth to Planet Earth

A Course offered by The Ones with No Names & Flo Magdalena

An exceptional Introductory call message for this course was held on 12/12. If you missed it, you may donate to listen HERE:

The Imperative questions of our lifetime Are: Who am I, why am I here, what are my unique gifts, and how am I going to bring these gifts to the world?

The Ones With No Names urge us to answer these questions NOW so that we each understand our destiny and are able support life through the awareness of who we are and what we bring. When this is clear, we can join with others to act from our chosen destiny.

We are being asked: Are you part of the final commitment, which is Light on this planet? Are you ready to bring Light every day, in every way? Are you committed to living that purpose, living that Truth, being in the vibration of your essence, living from self-authority, and not changing that for anything?

Course Description

The Ones with No Names, cosmic guidance counselors, will provide us with the following information and guidance:

January 6th:

Soul Seed Activation: Consciousness becomes Conscious

The first aspect of finding one’s Truth is recognizing/finding your own vibration, and holding that vibration in all circumstances. Then you ask yourself, What is my unique, essential vibration bringing to earth? What does my soul feel like and aspire to? How do I allow my soul to communicate with me more freely? What do I want to do now? What are the dreams in my heart that I’ve always had? What would I like most to support in my life that my soul could assist me with?

What am I missing? What has been the intention of my life from the moment I took my first breath?  Do I know what my vibration brings to earth?  We will activate our Soul Seed, which holds our purpose, and In small groups discuss the Seed of Light—what it is, where it is, how to access it to find these answers.

February 10th: 

How do I make my Truth evident in everything I do?

What is my Truth? What am I to do with this, specifically? Where do I take it? Who do I talk to? How does it work? Where do I live? What is my family situation? What have I already created in my world?

Part of my Truth (and what I am here to heal, support, abolish or work with) is how my Truth affects those I am with. Why am I with them? What am I supposed to be bringing from my Truth to them and then to the world? How do I live the Truth through my vibration? How do I hold steady in who I am and in my destiny?

March 9th: 

How do I extend my Truth into the world?

We explore these questions: What energetic actions as well as physical actions do I take? Am I an energetic actor or a physical actor? Or both? We want to serve the world. We don’t want to sit on our hands any longer. We begin creating action and consciousness together in various ways. It can be an energetic action but it is necessary to work as a team, to work as a consciousness.

April 13th: 

Preparing for disintegration on planet Earth

How do we prepare our body, emotion, mind and spirit for a totally different vibrational experience on the planet? How do we hold our vibration when the vibration we are used to from the world around us changes dramatically? How do we stand when everything falls apart? How do we hold the intention of consciousness then?

May  11th- (A call after all)

*May  23rd – 30th:

*Note: Gathering status awaiting retreat property (Covid19 regulations) rescheduling response. See ‘Special Invitation NOTICE at top of this page.

We will gather in a retreat setting and hold Zoom meetings for those who cannot attend, to form the Army of the Heart. Do you wish to be part of this? Teams with different purposes will form to serve the truth of light and assist others in restructuring their consciousness. This is the month to join forces. How will it all work? What do we need to understand? How do we hold the energy of the world and at the same time introduce new energy, new consciousness? How do we send new consciousness to places on the planet?  We will create groups that focus on specific methods of service.

June 8th- Meet with teams to act in the world and group discussions with The Ones as needed

The Coming Together of the Ages

The Free-Will experiment is ending, and the Free-Heart experience is rising. Much in the outer world will change as a result. We prepare for the appearance of the light going out in the way it has been. We carry our own light so strongly that we guide others into the light, but it is different this time. It’s not a dualistic light— light and dark. The light is all there is and yet, as things disintegrate, the darkness seems more pervasive. People will be asking, Where’s the light? What are we supposed to do?

July 13th– Restoring Our Original Design

After our July message and class call, Flo will organize with team leaders to meet with each group for individual readings.

August 10th–

In this class we will activate our purpose individually and collectively, recognizing more fully how to catalyze our pattern and blueprint to take our place in the Design. After the individual readings in each Team, we will compile the areas of purpose and potential and share our gifts and what gifts we would like to receive.

Special August (31st) – September (3rd)–

2020 Gathering

Virtual Gathering Schedule: 

Virtual Zoom meeting, on three days!
Combining our strengths, we will begin the process of more fully planning actions that correspond to our purpose and our intentions for incarnation at this time. Small groups will meet to discuss these initiatives with The Ones.

October 12th– The Time of Determination

Moving forward with the plans and purposes of our TEAMS and our connection with the methods and actions we receive individually, we further gain inner wisdom about how to hear our calling and use that information and guidance in our lives.

November 9th– Teams Respond to the Shift Into Light

Team meetings will have had discussion and planning. What response is needed in the reshaping of the planet? In what ways do we support a world that does not have greed, hatred or violence in it? As Truth comes, it shines the light in a different way. It is the Light Magnificent, and people are not used to seeing it with their blind eye. It becomes a reorientation, even for those who bring light.  Light seen from Truth is very different from light seen without Truth. Many people will feel like they are upside down. They won’t know where to go or what to do. What will our responses be?

December 7th–

Outlook for birthing of the “New Earth.” How to continue in our lives with the guidance from spirit; refining the “New Heart Experience”; Living our Purpose fully, next steps.

2021 sets the new foundation for the world

People will work together to create Union on the planet because we will have Order, Light and Truth as a foundation. We will co-create ways to foster Oneness as systems based upon separation fall apart.

Note: All sessions will held 8:00 p.m. – app. 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time; recorded and available SOLELY for class attendees. Any additional detail will be on a private/password protected page for registered participants. After each 2020- Call to Action class, you will have access to the recordings, typically the day following the Zoom meeting call. A transcript will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Comments and feedback via your private page is wholeheartedly encouraged for all participants!

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