The Legacy of the Essenes

and the Coming Together of the Ages

May 28th, 7-9 p.m. ET

Presented by: Raphael Weisman

Join us as we time travel to the dawn of civilization and the seeding of Mystery Schools that carried the Light and teachings of Oneness! The Essenes are part of that legacy. They have much to teach us today about community, health, growing food, healing, masculine and feminine balance, equality, and true power. They encourage us to live our soul’s purpose and bring our personal contributions of loving service to the world.

Their models for equality and respect for all life have practical applications for us, especially as we support our visionary “new children” who will create new paradigms for living, as we regain the balance of power between men and women, and are inspired to build true community. The Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming is not so far away. 

For years, Raphael has researched ancient traditions and mysteries and held a strong vision of community. He has compiled a recommended list of books pertaining to the Essenes, ancient civilizations and the wisdom teachings and secret societies that have upheld the Light and the Law of One. You are welcome to access more detail on the Essenes on his website:

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