Living the Magic of Creation

March 26th, 7-9 p.m. EST


Presented by: Joy Regina Melchizedek


    With much excitement, we invite to you join us as we explore magical realms and open to the forgotten magic within. In living our practical everyday lives, many of us lose our sense of wonder and our connection with the magical dimensions. But they are there, waiting for us to rediscover them. In doing so, our lives are blessed with more fun, ease and grace. Through channeling and telling long-forgotten parts of Herstory, we will take a fresh look at myths and stories and uncover where truth resides. Mystical realms invite you into their beauty and offer ways to engage with them daily. Creation, with all its wonder, is calling you to experience yourself in the fullness of who you are!

Key topics:

  1. Why did the Elementals disappear? Why are they here now? What do they offer? How do they live? Their stories will delight and inform you.
  2. Morgan La Fey, High Priestess of Avalon, and Triple Fire Goddess Brigit, The Bright One, will channel their wisdoms and cast light on how myths have been distorted and truth has been hidden.
  3. Simple, fun practices encourage connection and expansion and support you in living the magic of creation more deeply every day.


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