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Your Power and Purpose – A Year Long Forum

Gabriella Agnus in Malta

Each of us has a plan that is very well designed, because we devised it ourselves! Most of those reading this will remember their conversations with The Ones with No Names, and also remember that sense of being seen, understood, and recognized.

I have had the honor and privilege of being with you as you heard the magnificence of your potential, and the accurate way in which you made choices to bring your gifts to the world at this time – this amazing and powerful and urgent time!

Sharron Clark in Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have heard the ways in which we have all come to set in motion a design that will encompass the world and create more Order, Light, Truth and Union.

I am blown away by the amazing ways in which you have each chosen to come forth and now invite your next steps toward action and involvement.

Sarah Beardmore in Malta

Many times, however, we request more information and guidance in how to actualize our potential. If you would like your ‘Action steps’ to be more clear, join The Ones with No Names as we co-create your Power and Purpose Forum!

Soul Power to US All,

Flo Aeveia

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