This private page is for only those in Lori’s group. Please communicate with our entire group here, via Comment Section below, and share what you are learning for the benefit of everyone. If you want to share something that you have written, you can send to Melinda to be posted on the page. Please place “Lori’s group page post” in subject line.

Email Lori if you need to communicate with only her.

Call Details

Same details for each *course meeting call and group calls. *Note: Course Zoom meeting call may require password (included in Call Details.)

2020 Call to Action Private Portal Page

PW: 2020-Action

January Transcript and Information Booklet

February Transcript and Information Booklet

March Transcript and Information Booklet

April Transcript and Information Booklet

May Transcript and Information Booklet

June Transcript and Information Booklet

July Transcript and Information Booklet

August Transcript and Information Booklet

July Group ~ Individual Readings:

Go to the 2020- Action Takers Essences private page and support others’ sharing of readings and statements (including your’s)!

Group contact *phone #s: *Note: If you do not wish to share your phone number on this private page; please notify Melinda.

Lori Blackwell: 860-536-1935

Lexi Stead:  520-991-1329

Alexa Major: (410) 796-5232 // HOME (EST)

           Backup: 720-570-6525 // CELL (EST)

Joy McFarland: 607-936-8406

Amanda Reno Peterson: (540)287-2928

Raphael: (575) 770-1228

Dorothy Stone:  802-324-5574

Margaret Joseph: 303-478-8691

Patty O’Lenick:   607-972-3317

Anna Chrzanowski:  860-538-2280 

6 thoughts on “Lori’s Group Private Call to Action Page

  1. Hi Lori’s group.
    Has anyone had an issue with accessing this page? Joy cannot get to the page while all my testing is okay.
    Thank you!

  2. Melinda, Hi!
    I got your email, regarding this page……and the link works fine to this private page. I guess the problem for me–is solely a technical one. I am not much of a techie mind……so communicating on this private page is completely foreign to me. And, a bit overwhelming. Like I need a private lesson so I can grasp it.

    And, as an example….your message to me of Feb. 3 (above) I had no idea was in there, until I saw your email to me today regarding this message.
    Question: Do you have to check into the page–daily –or whatever—to KNOW someone in the group has posted something?? Or, is there a notification of some sort to give us a heads up?

    Question 2: How would I post, for example a new topic–like you did—say, wanting to change our small group time for this month of Feb?

    Again, apologies, Melinda, for my computer literacy deficiencies……
    Much Love, and thank you for your patience.

    1. Lori:
      Never a problem to help you or anyone.
      THIS page is only for your group to communicate whatever you wish. (I checked it only because someone was having an issue.)
      You know how to post here, for I am replying to your post. It is simply a Comment section. It has no bells & whistles with Subjects, etc.
      Any notifications for the entire course group will be on the main course private page (with password).

  3. Good news, I got on to Lori’s page. Hurray!!

  4. Yeah, Joy!! It’s all a mystery to me!!
    Looking forward to hearing your voice on the 20th–our next small group call.

  5. Hi All,
    I have been honored to join your group. So far, I have read/listened to everything on the site and only recently found out I could join the 2020 group so, here I am. I have had my Thought Wave and personal readings with Flo earlier this month.
    I live in Guilford, CT and have 30 years experience bringing Spiritual Science to the mainstream medical model (which, as you know suffers from a severe case of Spirit deficiency syndrome. The worst part is that they don’t even have that diagnosis in their vocabulary. That too will soon change. I look forward to being with all of you.
    Blessings be on thee!

    “If you are happy that you are alive, you still have the opportunity to say, “Blessings be on thee,” and these are what live forever. Shadows pass. Only the light and truth lives on.”

    Edgar Cayce reading 262-109

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