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Join US on Valentines Day

In the beginning was light, and light created and opened pathways to the light and from the light. Your soul is such a pathway, a pathway through which the original light of creation flows.

In this year of 2018, the soul opens to remember the light within and to bring that light forward. The soul is ready to unify all of its aspects (bring together all that you know, all that you are, and all the you have come to create.) Your soul is ready to open those points of light into the outer world because this is the year of MANIFESTATION.

All that you have held, received, intended and yearned to create [from all time] will unify and open out so that the connections, the resources and the power of your purpose can unfold easily and gracefully.

Recognize that you have all of the keys to the kingdom NOW. By opening to light you will receive the grace and understanding about how to take your light into the world in your unique and beautiful way.

Opening to the light means:
1) Connect with your soul
2) Open to realize the pathways that are already in place
3) Glide those spaces of your Truth into the world

We’re going to do this together on Valentine’s Day, as The Ones with No Names bring us an easy, effective way to
open to Our Soul’s Potential and Align with its Manifestation.


Date: Wednesday, February 14, 2015
Time: 8 p.m. Eastern
Suggested Donation to Soul Support Systems: $25.00

For details on the Next call on Valentines Day, click here:

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