Fairfax, Virginia

Events with Flo Magdalena

October 15-17, 2019

Meet and Greet

Tuesday, October 15th – 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

You are cordially invited to meet Flo and learn about her work with John Henry and HeartThread, the modality that John Henry has brought for us to transform patterns and challenges that affect our health and well-being. Flo will share her understandings from John Henry and the underlying wisdoms that he offers us. 

Refreshments will be served.

and also…

HeartThread Sessions

Wednesday, October 16th :  2-5:00 and 7-10 PM

$30 per session

Two sessions are offered for you to experience the principles and effectiveness of HeartThread. You can join one or both sessions. Individuals will come forth to receive guidance from the field of their heart that brings relief from long-standing challenges and limitations.

Pre-registration with payment is requested. Sessions start promptly and doors are closed once the session starts. To register email: or call 802-579-6276.

For the address and parking instructions email Neire Johnson (Erien) at

and also…

Living from Self-Authority

Thursday, October 17th – 7:00 PM-9:30 PM


With John Henry and Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Stand in Your Full Essence! Hear the words that now hold you back! Set Yourself Free! Open Your Heart to Yourself!

GO FOR IT!!!!!!

John Henry is on a mission! That mission is to free the human spirit, one by one! You are on his list. Come and remember, come and allow, come and receive. In three-hour sessions, with thirty people, John Henry opens a container with no self-doubt, challenging the status quo (whatever that is)! As you sit in this container, you watch the illusions of your world be dispelled. There is nothing but the authority of the self, given through the right of your birth.

John Henry is an Emissary of Divine Healing, a guide that brings alignment and conscious re-patterning to those he touches. He has use of the portals of the ancient Egyptian lineage of Demeter, which he uses to challenge the authority of judgment and belief systems in our world. Through Flo Magdalena, John Henry uses humor, direct connection with the soul, and the amazing capacity to know you fully, touching the places within you where your voice needs to be heard, your heart opened, and your full awareness restored.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena is a respected visionary, author, speaker, healer, teacher, and spiritual coach. She has worked throughout the world for over 40 years offering counseling, classes, and retreats that catalyze inner, outer and universal patterns of unity. Flo is the founder and Executive Director of Soul Support Systems and creates programs that deeply catalyze the potential within our energetic field and support us in bringing the dream within us, and our highest potential and life purpose to the world. Flo is the author of I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena; Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul Full Living; Honoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication; Heartful Living: Engaging From Our Hearts With All Life [Messages from John Henry] and The Light Magnificent and the Power of Grace: The Wisdom of William Marshal. More information about Flo’s work can be found at on her Bio