Flo is now leading the group for and, alongside our beloved Jayn…

This private page is for only those in Jayn’s group. Please communicate with our entire group here, via Comment Section below, and share what you are learning for the benefit of everyone. If you want to share something that you have written, you can send to Melinda to be posted on the page.
Please place “Jayn’s group page post” in subject line.

Email Flo if you need to communicate with only her.

Call Details

Same details for each *course meeting call and group calls. *Note: Course Zoom meeting call may require password (included in Call Details.)

2020 Call to Action Private Portal Page

PW: 2020-Action

January Transcript and Information Booklet

February Transcript and Information Booklet

March Transcript and Information Booklet

April Transcript and Information Booklet

May Transcript and Information Booklet

June Transcript and Information Booklet

July Transcript and Information Booklet

August Transcript and Information Booklet

August: Group ~ Individual Readings:

Go to the 2020- Action Takers Essences private page and support others’ sharing of readings and statements (including your’s)!

3 thoughts on “Jayn’s Group 2020 Call to Action

  1. Hello Beautiful Souls,

    This is a reminder I am offer Magdalena Energy Sessions to anyone who wishes one. These sessions will help me meet my required quota to be a practitioner. It is with a grateful heart for each of you serving as pillars of Light in this time that I offer these sessions.

    1. Dear Kisha – I would love to learn more about the Magdalena Energy Sessions.

  2. Dear Friends, My name is Laura Wolf and I am just joining the class. I have listened to all the Fireside chats and most of the Magdalene calls for this year. I first read “I Remember Union” about 14 years ago. I feel very blessed to have connected with Flo in December and to be a part of this community. It has helped me immensely with staying calm (for the most part) during these interesting times this year. I am very much looking forward to being with you all on the calls and through this year. Thank you for all that you are!

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