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TEAM EARTH Zoom Meeting July 11th, 2018

On Valentine’s Day, The Ones with No Names brought forth information that stunned and amazed us.
Their message centered around ways to open to the heart of the Great Mother Earth and segued
into an EVENT that was happening in the core of the earth.

Thousands and thousands of beings joined with us in the core of the earth and we brought light into the world.

We are being asked to join together and create an Army of the Heart, a team for the creation of the NEW EARTH. On our May 8th call we were given a way to bring balance to all situations on planet Earth through using Order, Light, Truth and Union.  That recording coming soon!

Click Here for July Call-in details, and to join us in creating a joined and unified consciousness
that reflects and opens our pathways to bringing the peace of the NEW EARTH.

Now is the time to gather our strength, stand in our power, and offer the world alternatives through
authenticity and clarity. Join us in this endeavor to affect the vibration of  planet Earth!

Suggested Donation to Soul Support Systems is $25.00. Donations of any amount welcome to continue this work. Thank you for your Support!

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