Don’s Call to Action Group Private Page

This private page is for only those in Don’s group. Please communicate with our entire group here, via Comment Section below, and share what you are learning for the benefit of everyone. If you want to share something that you have written, you can send to Melinda to be posted on the page. Please place “Don’s group page post” in subject line.

Email Don if you need to communicate with only him.

Call Details

Same details for each *course meeting call and group calls. *Note: Course Zoom meeting call may require password (included in Call Details.)

2020 Call to Action Private Portal Page

PW: 2020-Action

January Transcript and Information Booklet

Our next course call takes place on February 10th @ 8:00 pm. The Topic:

1 thought on “Don’s Call to Action Group Private Page

  1. Hey Lovely group: next Dons group calls:
    Thursday, Feb. 27@ 7:00 pm EST
    Saturday, Feb. 29@ 11:00 am EST
    Any questions, let me know!!

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