Soul Support Coordinators

        We are pleased to have assistants for a broad range of tasks and projects for Soul Support Systems. Each person is dedicated to clear communication and cooperation in upholding the integrity and quality of materials and programs to the highest standards of Soul Support. They are committed to living from their soul; have experienced our programs and services first-hand, and are enthusiastic about sharing our work with the world. Their varied professions and backgrounds assist Soul Support Systems in the continuous expansion and visions for our organization.

Education Programs Coordinator

Jayn Stewart

        Soul Support Systems is happy to welcome Jayn Stewart as our new Educational Programs Coordinator. Jayn has been active in our organization since its founding as a facilitator and board member. She brings to her new role over thirty years of teaching experience in schools, businesses, non-profits and colleges. She trains teachers in designing classes that address diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences. Most recently, she worked in the public schools with special needs students, including those on the autistic spectrum, with learning disabilities, and suffering from emotional trauma.

        Jayn is responsible for developing and scheduling courses for Soul Support in essential life skills, spiritual growth, and other personal development topics. Life skills classes will be offered online and in workshops. New monthly online mini-classes are presented by our multi-talented community members who share their passions and expertise on a wide range of subjects. Workshops will also support presenters in enhancing their teaching, class design and group facilitation skills. In addition to these responsibilities, Jayn writes and edits for our newsletter, website, and other Soul Support publications. We are happy to have her aboard to guide us in the expansion of our programs.

Website Design & Gal Friday

Melinda DeMent

        Soul Support Systems is happy to announce Melinda DeMent as our website developer and related tasks and projects. She has been involved in the Soul Support community since 2014, participating in many events, retreats, and online courses.

        Melinda now focuses her attention as a visual 2-D fine artist and graphic designer. Her previous career in commercial embroidery industry had her working with software designers in the US, Japan and Greece; writing, designing, and creating technical manuals, training sales staff, teaching national seminars, and writing for trade magazines. Melinda owned and operated her own company “EmbroiderySkills” for over 15 years, digitizing custom embroidery designs, training online, and creating video tutorials.

        For Soul Support, Melinda is working with this website in keeping with WordPress up-to-date technologies including site layout, design, and integration for live events, online meetings and classes, product management and setup, social media posting, and consistent improvement of site organizational flow and outreach.

        Melinda also enjoying working in the capacity of technical and creative assistant to Flo Aeveia. Melinda is coordinating materials and content details including receiving, organizing, polishing, and utilizing pertinent and varied information for the website, newsletters, email campaigns, brochures, posts and events.

        Additional responsibilities involve product creation, assisting author and editor for printed and digital books, including layout and design according to required specifications for submission. Melinda is also managing, updating, and uploading product materials, including audio, video, and transcripts.

        When applicable, Melinda is liaison for event coordinators, assisting in their efforts by sending and receiving event details, creating and setting up relative site posts, and creating flyers and links for sharing with coordinators and venues. Sometimes attending live and online events, Melinda also makes sure that participants have event-related information and materials.

        As an all-around Creative go-to, Melinda is happy and grateful to be working with the Soul Support Systems heart-centered community utilizing her skills, experience and talents! She is continually designing collages- utilizing event images for website, newsletters, brochures etc., and sharing her own art in various locations on the website and more!

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