Soul Support Systems Board of Directors

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      We are honored to have a strong Board of Directors, each of whom is dedicated to seeing that Soul Support Systems grows and thrives. All are committed to living from their soul, have experienced our programs and services first-hand, and are enthusiastic about sharing our work with the world. Their varied professions and backgrounds create a rich mix of ideas as we plan the future.

Lauren Liberti

        Lauren currently works in clinical research in a university setting. She has been immersed in the work of Soul Support Systems since her first Soul Recognition experience in 1994, and is a founding member of the Connecticut Pod. She is a Facilitator of land and water Soul Recognition.
Lauren has a strong and clear capacity to hold a field of Order and Truth, encouraging others to fully open to their potential in this field that she holds so deeply. Her deep yearning is to manifest these gifts skillfully enough to help in the healing of the planet.
Lauren takes pleasure in walks with her dog, connection with her family, and witnessing others realizing and living their gifts. Lauren is serving as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors.

Susan Quinn

        Susan’s background is primarily in administration and culinary work. In 2007 she began her relationship with Soul Support Systems as transcriptionist. Over time she took on bookkeeping and office management, and previously held the position of Secretary of the Board of Directors, to which she is again, now serving. 

Susan’s passion is cooking vegan food to help create and maintain good health, which she believes can be one a more peaceful world.

Rene Cornwell

        Soul Support Certified Facilitator in Soul Recognition, Teacher of HeartThread and Facilitator of The Accelerated Thinking Process.
Rene’s deepest passion in life is to assist others in the self- discovery of their Divine nature, which draws him to the work of Soul Support Systems.
For more than 17 years he has been involved with the Science of Mind Church of Religious Science through the Sanctuary for Spiritual Living in Covina, California, and the Antelope Valley Center for Spiritual Living. He is a Religious Science Practitioner. He works in the Aerospace industry. Rene is dedicated to bringing forth the work of Soul Support Systems with the highest integrity and deepest love through his own soul’s expression. Rene is serving as President of the Board.

Location:Southern California
Contact Information:
Phone: 661-949-9439


William Ligon

        William is retired from a career in business. Working for auto dealers, he rose to become the manager of a parts department. At his last dealership he and the service manager developed a system that greatly improved the efficiency and profitability of the operation. The two decided to start their own business in order to offer this system to auto dealers in the U.S. and Canada. The venture became so successful that William was able to retire early.
William now lives quietly in Virginia on the side of Horseshoe Mountain, a little east of the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Cornelia. The property is located next to 29,000 acres of forest. He has two daughters, one “back home” in Maryland, and the other in Brooklyn. He has one beautiful  granddaughter. In 1997 William walked into an Arthur Murray studio and got hooked on dancing, and enjoys the peacefulness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Recently William rekindled a dream to sing and play piano. He is taking piano lessons now and will see how that goes!
A strong supporter of nonprofits, William has served on three boards, including Soul Support Systems, with which he has been affiliated since its founding in 1994. He is currently the board’s Vice-President. The dream he cherishes in his heart is to see this glorious Garden of Earth restored to its full potential. He believes that, through working together, this will be accomplished in the near future.

Sharron Clark

        Sharron has been a part of Soul Support Systems since her 1st amazing Soul Recognition journey in 2001. She has a special love for being a facilitator of Soul Recognition and HeartThread, and holding the field of Unity in joyous strength.  She also loves the community of Soul Support Systems and feels in it the deepest connection to open souls living authentic,
heart  guided lives.

        Sharron works as a Laboratory Scientist and plays in Southern California in a life filled with prayer, gratitude and lots of energy fields. She visions: “IT’S ALL GOD”.

Don Jacobs to Join the Board

Don Jacobs

        We are pleased to announce that Don Jacobs joined us as a new board member in January. Don is a member of the Connecticut Pod and a Soul Recognition and HeartThread Facilitator. His work with the Divine Masculine and Feminine, and his expertise in Yoga and soul-based movement modalities is a great asset in our Soul Recognition Experiences and our ongoing classes. Keep an eye out for his class on Unifying the Masculine and Feminine.

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Founder of Soul Support Systems

Flo Aeveia Magdalena

“The Soul is Our Greatest Untapped Resource! What we think we have lost is but the promise of what is yet to come!”

        Flo Magdalena is a respected visionary, author, channel, healer, coach, teacher, and spiritual mid-wife. She has worked throughout the world with individuals and groups since the late ‘70’s, helping them connect to and access understanding about who they are, why they are here, and how to live their highest potential and life purpose.
From a mystical three-year experience with Mary Magdalene, Flo wrote I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, a dramatic, evocative and inspiring book that reveals Magdalene’s role in the life of Jeshua and their destinies that initiated the Peace of a Million Years of Dreaming, 2000 years ago.

        Flo’s deep connection with Magdalene has inspired her unique and life-changing work. Flo leads experiential retreats, trainings, and programs she has developed that assist and support her students and clients to remember and access the connection with their innermost self, their soul. Her deep energy journeys forge a conscious relationship with the soul that affects the balance and interconnection between the body, emotion, mind and spirit. We can then experience optimal health and emotional transparency, create lasting and harmonious relationships, and live in more balance with our inner and outer world, fully bringing our gifts forth.

        Flo is the founder of Soul Support Systems and the Heaven On Earth Global Community, and trains teachers, certifying them to offer programs that she has developed:
Soul RecognitionSM: A Breathtakingly profound journey inward to our unique essence shared with a trusted group bonded through our souls and experiencing our oneness; Circuitry AlignmentSM: Connecting with whole body awareness so that we are unified; HeartThreadSM: Shifting long-standing physical and emotional patterns held in the body through a dialogue with our unconscious; The Accelerated Thinking ProcessSM: Learn what actually happens when we get “stuck,” and how to shift our perception to experience more balance and peace through mapping the brain.

        Early in her working life, Flo worked in critical care and then psychiatry, as a Registered Nurse, and has developed programs using meditation and relaxation with chronic psychiatric patients. She worked with the program director of the American Heart Association to develop their first stress management program, and was a facilitator for The American Lung Association in their Smoke Cessation clinics. She combines her medical experience with metaphysics, and focuses her private practice on psycho-neuro-immunology–mind/body connection.

        Flo has also written: Sunlight On Water: A Guide For Soul-full LivingHonoring Your Child’s Spirit: Pre-birth Bonding and Communication, Cynthia’s Promise and The Hearts of the Village. Her work brings a message of hope about our capacity to create a world of peace, honor, and union.

        Flo lives in Vermont with her husband, David. She has two children and three granddaughters.