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Isis Cove, NC Soul Recognition June 28-July 1st

Soul Recognition with Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Staff
Thursday Evening June 28-Sunday July 1, 2018.

Isis Cove Community, Western NC

Join us at the Cove at Birdsong Creek Retreat Center and Sanctuary at Isis Cove Community for a very special weekend! If you are ready for a deeper and more embodied connection withe your own soul, and an inner Spring Renewal, this weekend is for you!

Inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene, Soul Recognition is a deep, profound, and life-changing experience that takes us on an inner journey to reunite with our soul’s essence. Held in a field of unconditional love, you journey inward to clarify your life, your purpose, your gifts, your dreams, and your yearnings. Using these gifts you gain self-confidence, and self-responsibility, freely expressing from your truest self.

In the Soul Recognition process, you establish a deep connection through your soul, with the essence of who you are. As the vital link with your soul is established, you begin freely expressing and creating from this essential place of strength within you – the place that yearns to be fully alive. Soul RecognitionSM is a profound way to acknowledge your soul, the part of you that is immortal, eternally strong, and endures without separation, judgment, or fear.

The soul is the first place where acknowledgment of the self is real, the first place where oneness happens, and the first place where “we-ness” is felt. Holding within it our highest potential, the soul is the meeting place of spirit and form, and contains knowledge and memory of the Source of all life. When we are linked with the Source through the soul, we experience union with all things and fulfill our yearning to be whole.Soul RecognitionSM is an inward journey riding the wave of your life force to meet your true self.

Tuition, Food and Lodging Options:

Option #1: TOTAL Workshop Tuition only= $800

Option #2: TOTAL Workshop Tuition + Food (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, snacks)= $900

Option #3: TOTAL Workshop Tuition +3 night’s Lodging Double or Dorm (no more than 4 in a large room)= $935

Option #4: TOTAL package price for all-inclusive: Workshop Tuition, 3 night’s Lodging Double or Dorm (no more than 4 in a large room), Food (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners and snacks)= $1,035

Option #5: (All of Option #4, +) Private Room: Add $150 total for all 3 nights (based on availability)

Deposit Option: Pay $500 to hold your space; paying balance 25 days before workshop.

Note: Choose your option, and proceed to the list on Registration page linked below.

Click HERE to Register!

Inquire with Anyaa McAndrew about extra nights lodging at a nearby home.

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Activating the Light Within: Transforming Duality into Union

The Light Center, Black Mountain, NC

July 3rd, from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

         Presented by Flo A. Magdalena

Over the last few months, spirit has provided valuable information about the importance of the hypothalamus and its role in how our body and consciousness process and use light.

Understanding the role of the hypothalamus and how we can bring forth our light offers ways to positively affect our health, well-being, and relationships. We can vision from this place as well, accelerating light in our lives, to more fully connect with our purpose and the gifts we bring to the world.

Join us to explore the concepts of how the hypothalamus works, experience more of your light and begin using the hypothalamus as a powerful tool in your life.

Cost: $25.00

Click HERE to Register

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Broad River Farm July 4th Picnic!

We’re having a picnic/potluck at our enchanted place in Black Mountain!

Bring your favorite dish and join us from 2:00, until… We will have great fun, swimming, playing, and doing unified field work in community!

Please call William and Cornelia’s for questions: 828-669-7164 and, RSVP so we know how many to expect.

Address is: 2833 NC Hwy. 9, Black Mountain, NC  28711

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Reunion, Retreat, Warm Water Soul Opening, Nameless Ones & More August 7-12

Join us at Angel’s Rest Retreat Center August 7-12, 2018

2018 is a full-on creation time!

Expand, transform, and co-create! We go further together!

Over the last 32 years The Ones With No Names have brought clarity and Truth into many, many lives. Their presence has inspired us to find the keys to our own divinity and supported our journeys and our creations.

During our 6-day retreat, we will work with The Ones and other Messengers to bring key elements to inform us about our personal path, deepen our energy bodies, and foundation our interconnectedness.

Each day will unfold with the field of co-creation bringing unplanned but deeply resonant activities and exercises created by all participants. We intend to include:

*Light 101 Concepts

 *The Four Aspects of Creation: Order, Light, Truth and Union;

*The Breath of Life

*Living the Model of Cooperation

*Subtle Body Balancing

*Vitalizing Your Life Force

You will establish deeper connections through your soul with the essence of who you are and with others who have chosen this pathway. You will  learn about manifestation and action, and enjoy warm water moonlit experiences and Soul Openings.

Hope you can join us!

Click here for registration information