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Angels Rest August Community Reunion

Reunion, Retreat, Warm Water Soul Opening

With Nameless Ones & More

Join us at Angel’s Rest Retreat Center August 7-12, 2018

2018 is a full-on creation time!

Expand, transform, and co-create! We go further together!


Over the last 32 years The Ones With No Names have brought clarity and Truth into many, many lives. Their presence has inspired us to find the keys to our own divinity and supported our journeys and our creations.

During our 6-day retreat, we will work with The Ones and other Messengers to bring key elements to inform us about our personal path, deepen our energy bodies, and foundation our interconnectedness.

Each day will unfold with the field of co-creation bringing unplanned but deeply resonant activities and exercises created by all participants. We intend to include:

*Light 101 Concepts

 *The Four Aspects of Creation: Order, Light, Truth and Union;

*The Breath of Life

*Living the Model of Cooperation

*Subtle Body Balancing

*Vitalizing Your Life Force

You will establish deeper connections through your soul with the essence of who you are and with others who have chosen this pathway. You will  learn about manifestation and action, and enjoy warm water moonlit experiences and Soul Openings.

Hope you can join us!

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