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Miss Jayn’s Slice of Light

Miss Jayn has again offered us support from her expanded perspective in a message of September 11th. In her letter she cited Sunlight on Water as she spoke of models of compartmentalizing, segmenting or calibrations of the heart that occur as outdated patterns in us as we play different roles with different relationships. Jayn is is calling on (us) change-agents to create new models of e-motion ~ motion from the heart. Click to read her wonderful message in communion with Flo Magdalena:

Jayn’s September Message

An unexpected delight from Jayn’s message was pointing to one of many beautiful concepts in Sunlight on Water. The information and timing made it irresistibly obvious to utilize an excerpt from the book and create a special installment of Slices of Light – your weekly illumination #12, dedicated to our beloved Jayn Stewart.

Miss Jayn’s Slice of Light

Excerpt above from Sunlight on Water: A Guide to Soul-Full Living by Flo Aeveia Magdalena, that Jayn edited and assisted greatly for the Revised Edition.
This popular book is now available on our All Worlds Publishing website. You can purchase SOL right HERE!

Jayn Stewart, editor

This popular book is now available on our All Worlds Publishing website. You can purchase SOL right HERE!

Cost is cover price @$16.95 + $3.50 S & H = $20.45

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Slice of Light 11

This unique and poignant time in our world seems to be a clarion call for our focus on heart-centered living and action. This week I have been called to employ and illuminate in our weekly message an old gem from our SSS wealth of materials- “Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns of Resistance and Inhibiting Beliefs“, channeling hosted by John Henry and received through Flo Aeveia Magdalena.
Note: I (Melinda) have used ‘artistic license’ in exploring the content of this week’s Slice of Light materials selection.

[Paraphrased] Excerpt:
Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns

Through John Henry’s sage wisdom about listening to our own inner teacher- our heart, where there are messages scribed that can help understand patterns that may be blocking us, and rewritten with attention and intention. Our inherent resource for information can teach us to light our own paths toward healing and enlightenment. We can also benefit others we love (or do not…) in the process of spinning them in our Heartwomb in cherished Oneness of Being.

As often happens when I am seeking guidance and read or hear a special message or meditation, I see a visual representation in my ‘heart-mind’s eye’ that if rendered, proves to help me understand and integrate everything at deep and lasting levels. Such was the case with reading Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns that provided detailed descriptions of feeling, and using the four chambers of the heart to shift patterns and forge new pathways. The painting “My Heartwomb“, symbolizes the sacred Heartwomb space with connections to others through the crystalline web, and the chambers to filter patterns and shine light. Pictured below is the painting with a (Melinda’s) synopsis from John Henry’s guidance in the form of a poem. Click image for larger view.

Painting & poem by Melinda

You can get the Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns transcript, with a bonus personal *worksheet via PayPal button below. Upon payment, PP will redirect you to a page containing the JH transcript and visual worksheet.
*Note: You can utilize the Heartwomb letter-sized worksheet in several ways.

  • Type into the .PDF worksheet form (and print for future focus and reference.) All form fields are optional.
    • Save each ‘session’ as a new name and do not overwrite your BLANK form.
  • Print the blank form and write in the variables that you want to work with.
    • Use your imagination and see your progress of resolving old patterns!

Contact Melinda for info. for a larger legal-sized .pdf form, or high-resolution print or form for visual prints

Pictured below is one way that the worksheet/painting image can be considered with a theme of our relationship to others/things/aspects, etc. and a small example image of the blank form.

Relationship Worksheet EXAMPLE
Bonus Blank .PDF Form EXAMPLE

Click the ‘Buy Now’ PayPal button below to get the Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns transcript, with a bonus personal *worksheet.
Upon payment of $22.00, PP will redirect you to a page containing the JH transcript and visual worksheet.

You can also go directly to our SSS Store products for Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns TRANSCRIPT or, Using the Heart to Resolve Patterns AUDIO and bypass the bonus worksheet bundle!

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The Hearts of the Village

The Hearts of the Village

How Your Caring and Compassion Change the World

by Jayn Stewart and Flo Aeveia Magdalena

Downloadable Digi-booklet

We have each come here to do something very powerful with our lives. No matter where you are or what you face, there is a power within you that wants to be expressed. There is a part of you that has been in waiting for the correct moment to respond to what your life experience offers you, and we are inviting you to see that this is the moment. This is the time, because there is a general movement in the consciousness of all beings to provide a safer world, to provide a way for each person to feel acknowledged and for there to be safety of all generations that inhabit this planet.

How do we make it safer and heal the divisions in our world, joining the hearts of the village together as one heart? How do we go out into the world and come together with other hearts to make more union? The starting place is with each of us.

If you want to view as a book, choose these settings:

  • In Adobe Reader, select View > Page Display > Two Page View.
  • Also select Show Cover Page in Two Page View.

Click ‘Buy Now’ PayPal button to purchase instantly downloadable .pdf formatted digital booklet for $4.99.
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Celebration of the Life of Jayn Stewart

NOTICE: An important SSS announcement:

We held a celebration of Jayn’s life with a memorial gathering on Zoom on Sunday 5/3/20 @ 2pm Eastern time.
You can be a part of it HERE.

Our Beloved Jayn Stewart

Jayn Stewart Memorial Fund

A recent dream shared by Jayn was to create an epic film of I Remember Union.To support this vision, our community has established a fund in Jayn’s name for the pre-pre-production of the film. You can donate to Soul Support and receive a deduction through our 501C3. If you wish to donate, you may send a check or utilize PayPal by clicking the PayPal button below:

Important notification: We now have a website All Worlds Publishing (from where our books are distributed) that hosts the books that author Flo Aeveia Magdalena and editor Jayn Adina Stewart co-created. It is Only there that you will find the books I Remember Union, Sunlight on Water, and Honoring Your Child’s Spirit.

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2020 Soul Support Fundraiser Recording

The message from The Ones With No Names was profound, informative and supportive!!!! If you missed the call, you can still donate and receive the audio recording!

“Destructure to Restructure” Art by Melinda DeMent

This call event was held: Date: December 12th, 2019 – Time: 8:00 PM Eastern


If you missed the 12/12 call, you can still donate and watch the video and listen to the audio recording!

If you have questions, please email Melinda!

Click to donate $33.00 to the SSS fundraiser.

Read more about the upcoming yearlong course spoken about in the 12/12 message “2020- A Call to Action

For a limited time, visit the SSS fundraiser Donor Portal Fundraiser – donation shopping page!