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2019 Year Long Course

The Great Alignment

A Revival of the Human Spirit

With The Ones with No Names & Flo Magdalena

    Within each physical structure of earthly being, there is a Seed of Light that remembers that we are here to live in harmony and peace. This Seed of Light is connected to the Star of Recognition or Point of Origin above, and grounded in our body in the Incarnative Point or Altar of Truth within our navel.

To facilitate the union of the above and below, a necessary aspect of the desired outcome, requests a vertical connection between heaven and earth—between source and our Incarnative Point, housed in our abdominal brain.

In this monthly year-long course, we will establish a foundation within which our inner core becomes a vehicle for transforming duality into a union between spirit and matter. This connection revitalizes our circuits and directs the pathways of our intention so that we forge interconnection with the deep core of the earth, the original design of creation (the Star of Recognition) and the heart of humanity, (the Heart of the One.)

To facilitate all individuals being able to have access to this information and participate in the yearlong course, we have arranged a sliding scale from $20.00 to $120.00 per month amount. Choose a payment option that will provide for you a balanced exchange with Soul Support Systems for the year long course. This exchange can be paid *bi-monthly, *semi-annually, or annually. 

*Note: A reminder email will be sent a couple of weeks prior to these two options.

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