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Unifying Our Dualities Workshop

By Melinda | September 25, 2018

Unifying Our Dualities Workshop Balancing Our Inner/Outer Worlds     With Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Don Jacobs Join Us for this 2-day Transformational Workshop to… •More Fully Understand the Dualities that Affect Your Life & Relationships •Unleash Your Power Centers to Strengthen Your Body, Mind & Spirit •Create Alignment with Your Emotional Body to Live in […]

Join Us! TEAM Earth Call Oct 10th

By Melinda | August 27, 2018

Supporting Our Earth’s Transition On Valentine’s Day The Ones with No Names took us to the core of the earth and connected us into a grid that holds the planet and the universe in symmetry. Very gradually, over the last six months, there has been a unifying of ALL outer aspects of the dimensions that […]

Catch Up with September TEAM Earth Call

By Melinda | August 27, 2018

TEAM Earth Call September 11th Previous calls, beginning in February outline the process that is now happening within the Earth’s core and are provided here for you to hear and read. We offer these as a commitment to the balancing and aligning of our Earth, our bodies and our lives.   Click HERE for September […]

Earth Call July 11th- IMPORTANT Message

By Soul Support Systems | July 12, 2018

Team Earth Call July 11th! Please listen and share as widely as possible to assist in the re-balancing of the earth and the healing of our families and communities! Read More: Listen NOW!

I Remember Union–The Story Behind the Story-A Podcast with Flo Magdalena

By Soul Support Systems | March 7, 2018

Joy Melchezidek and TJ Ryan interview Flo Aeveia Magdalena about the story behind the writing of “I Remember Union” which was first published in 1992.  Flo spent 3 years channeling all of the players involved surrounding the story of Mary and Jesus.  Flo has just recorded “I Remember Union” as an audio book which will […]