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Isis Cove, NC Soul Recognition June 28-July 1st

By Soul Support Systems | June 15, 2018

Soul Recognition with Flo Aeveia Magdalena and Staff Thursday Evening June 28-Sunday July 1, 2018. Isis Cove Community, Western NC Join us at the Cove at Birdsong Creek Retreat Center and Sanctuary at Isis Cove Community for a very special weekend! If you are ready for a deeper and more embodied connection withe your own […]

Activating the Light Within: Transforming Duality into Union

By Soul Support Systems | June 14, 2018

The Light Center, Black Mountain, NC July 3rd, from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Over the last few months, spirit has provided valuable information about the importance of the hypothalamus and its role in how our body and consciousness process and use light. Understanding the role of the hypothalamus and how we can bring forth our […]

Broad River Farm July 4th Picnic!

By Soul Support Systems | June 13, 2018

We’re having a picnic/potluck at our enchanted place in Black Mountain! Bring your favorite dish and join us from 2:00, until… We will have great fun, swimming, playing, and doing unified field work in community! Please call William and Cornelia’s for questions: 828-669-7164 and, RSVP so we know how many to expect. Address is: 2833 NC Hwy. 9, […]

TEAM EARTH Zoom Meeting July 11th, 2018

By Soul Support Systems | April 19, 2018

On Valentine’s Day, The Ones with No Names brought forth information that stunned and amazed us. Their message centered around ways to open to the heart of the Great Mother Earth and segued into an EVENT that was happening in the core of the earth. Thousands and thousands of beings joined with us in the […]

Angels Rest August Community Reunion

By Soul Support Systems | April 19, 2018

Reunion, Retreat, Warm Water Soul Opening With Nameless Ones & More Join us at Angel’s Rest Retreat Center August 7-12, 2018 2018 is a full-on creation time! Expand, transform, and co-create! We go further together!   Over the last 32 years The Ones With No Names have brought clarity and Truth into many, many lives. […]

I Remember Union–The Story Behind the Story-A Podcast with Flo Magdalena

By Soul Support Systems | March 7, 2018

Joy Melchezidek and TJ Ryan interview Flo Aeveia Magdalena about the story behind the writing of “I Remember Union” which was first published in 1992.  Flo spent 3 years channeling all of the players involved surrounding the story of Mary and Jesus.  Flo has just recorded “I Remember Union” as an audio book which will […]